Monday, February 07, 2005

Carol Reeves does not do research.

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Ms. Reeves

You wrote:

"Lent can be traced back to a 40-day festival of abstinence dedicated to the worship of Astarte, a Chaldean fertility goddess. The pagan festival took place in the spring, and early church leaders became alarmed that their celebration of Christ's resurrection would be overshadowed."

Where did you get this information? Besides being irrelevant to the
story it is misleading and inaccurate. The story you were writing was less about history of Orthodox and Catholic tradition and more about the effects of Reformation. If you used only one source for your statement you have added to the confusion many people feel these days about the "history" of the Church. I hate to sound like a Journalism professor but - you have a duty as a writer to bring clarity, to complete, to flesh out a story. What you did was muddle the readers mind, in my case you just frustrated me because I know better.


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