Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cris Rock is a Rock baaabay


LA Weekly: Columns: Deadline Hollywood: Will Chris Rock Be Oscar Dyn-O-Mite?:

I have got to say that I will not be watching the Oscars. What for? I have never seen anything as yawnworthy as this year even Cris Rock is better read about than seen I am very interested in what will be written about it though. I absolutely love all the uncertainty not about who will win but about what effect the recent election and the supposed reason so many voted- morality – will have. I have actually seen the angst in many articles about this effect. It is just coming to a big climax during the Oscars because the Adcamy awards happen to be third in line. So natch they get what is effectively the pooled poopy of the intellectual/entertainment complex. What Drudge has done is merely be the pin-prick to pop the zit - what I am witnessing with your article and it is just one of so many - I see the pattern now so clearly- is damage control.

The operative motivation behind your article is to provide the salve of calmness to try to make sure that the group has a reason for showing up now that it really does matter outside the gates of Hollywood. It is so sad but I can see the cracks; the stucco has some water damage and mold is growing. You can tell by this paragraph-

And agents. And stars. “These people actually do exist on a higher plane when they’re experiencing pop culture. They are the pop culture. We’re talking about Brad and Jen and George. Tom Cruise in a villa in Spain thinking what he’s going to do in M:I-4. They’re creating the culture, not partaking in it. And Chris is very conscious of this and will play to those people.”

Baby you are thinking of Britney Spears – she is the only culture maker I see in town here in SoCarol and I can tell you that Brad and Jen are faces people see as they put down asparagus and grits Tom Cruise is still selling seats on Navy fighter jets as far as I can see. Mr. Rock will be playing to them because they will be the only people who care. If anything he will have super ratings if only because it will be more like a Jerry Springer show this year in many peoples minds.


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