Tuesday, February 22, 2005

EW's Chris Rock interviewer weighs in on Matt Drudge

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Feature: EW's Chris Rock interviewer weighs in on Matt Drudge

You know I was thinking about it and it is true - that only only Gay men will watch the show.

I know I have never, ever, watched the academy awards except for a couple of times and I was gay both times - but I did not watch all the way through so it really doesn't count. The rest of the times I never watched the Adcadmey awards I was not gay. That did not mean I wrote the word "gay" on whiteboards Big Mistake all around my school I may have written the word "Malthusian" on all the whiteboards or even "Chataqua is Fine" on a few just to see a furrowed brow. I imagine I will be gay again soon as my children get to the age of gayness-phobia.

You know why I have never really gotten over my fear of being gay - I have to carry my wife's purse like the rotting carcas of a feral dingo if I have to transport it in public-toting is it is as if I am an an Iranian nuclear scentist on my way to the bomb lab with the sack of highly enriched gerbil droppings. Anyway I can just hear my son - "the fact that you talk to people using your vocal cords is so gay Dad can't you use your blue tooth enables mental telepathy tool like all the other dads?" I imagine I will question my own non-gayness for a split second right before I take away his blue tooth enabled mental telephony tool and make hime use his hormonally assaulted vocal cords when he has to use my Sprint cell phone which I will still be locked into because I keep changing plans so often......

I have always thought that Academy Awards show was gay anyhow. Not retarded, just gay - you would have to be gay to watch all those retards getting fake awards for stuff nobody really cares about anyway.

Josh Wolk I pwn your 60007y says the Academy Awards man.


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