Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Liberals look to Aliens to save them

The New Republic Online: Alien Nation What in the world? I like this best

“It's not enough that we're being led by a heartless idiot and his team of obsequious solipsists and hustlers, that we're in a unnecessary war, that the federal government has withdrawn itself almost entirely from the business of promoting the social good.”

Coming from TNR I can understand. I think personally that the Government of the US should be getting out of the "business of promoting the social good” precisely because it will promote somebody's social bad. Lee Spiegal is a Hypocrite it is so apparent in

Lee - I hope that you get over yourself because you are stirring a pot of poop that only you and your fellow tnr online buddies will smell. Alien boy needs some therapy.

Lee puts this in as well

“There is something in Jennings's open attitude to all of this of the new deference to so-called religious people that suddenly seized the commentating classes after the election last November.”

What does this mean? And what does it have to do with the story about aliens and Peter Jennings he has wasted precious electrons and seconds. I can actually say that Siegal is making as much sense as me…


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