Friday, February 04, 2005

Maralyn Lois Polak gets a nasty email

Strike The Root - a journal of liberty: "This woman is whacked"

WorldNetDaily: Edumacating Rita: In praise of public schools

Read on:

Ms. Polak:

No doubt thanks to Google Alerts your mail box is filling
You wrote:

“but this really becomes yet another staggering responsibility falling squarely on, in most cases, Mama's shoulders. And don't tell me the lack of socialization with others doesn't take its toll on these kids' psychological development.”

You have no idea about what you are writing, I am serious, you are actually dense here – like an anvil. What research do you have to back this up? I have lived next to a lot of wierdos some were African-American do I then say “since my neighbors, who were Black, drank all night and had loud fights therefore they might ALL have that problem to one degree or another”.

The socialization argument is a ruse to cover your discomfort or envious feelings – it is a lie to think that homeschool kids don’t get the necessary, even better socialization, there is just way to much solid evidence to back the fact that home is the very best place to teach (really to fact check see the HLSDA web site they will point you to lots of positive information.) All of the Homeschooled kids I know have a much greater ease in various social settings they can relate to children of many different ages and to adults. The teenagers are striking – homeschooled teenagers do not have that awkwardness, un-sureness or hostility around adults but can actively engage in a conversation after all the young adult can count other adults as his or her peer in the many activities that they may be involved in.

I am grateful we homeschool because my ten year old girl is growing up full of wonder about her surroundings and interested in social movements – she and I had a long discussion about the humor of Mary Poppins this morning - I am not going to deconstruct it for you but she knows how to think critically about media and what she reads – “They” can’t teach critical thought in any school because it would offend to many people. My daughter is not a tween she has no desire to listen to anything other than great music and read and to bird watch. She plays imagination games with her friends rather than blather on about media or marketing fluff. Homeschool is American freedom, we give, my wife gives the best possible world for our children.

Your article did nothing but prove that you are probably racist or have tendencies toward that because of your ability to stereotype and to use faulty unproven theories about groups, be careful, that would be a terrible thought crime to have on your record I wont turn you in this time but I am watching you….

She wrote back

google alerts? you were notified, via some keyword, like
home-schooling? fascinating. thanks for your note. i think you're
jumping to unwarranted conclusions. in fact, i am afro-american, one.
and two, the cases i cited were those i encountered. freakazoids!!
happy new year. mlp

I then went in to set the hook

I cannot tell you how many "cases" I have encountered in my time. As far as unwarranted conclusions, I assure you that is it exactly, your conclusions were what I wrote about, because in spite of your African-American-ness you have still managed to stereotype a group.
You have still used "information" that is inaccurate and misleading. In short I am "impugning your integrity" to quote a famous Black woman.

Not I assure you out of some hostility toward you but because I have an interest in good well written journalism.

Was I to mean? If you read the article and had two working brain cells they would both be in agreement that she was writing about something she knew nothing about.. Not that that matters really I guess... I try not to be judgemental but maybe I was. If I was I am sorry Ms. Polak but being wrong gets you a bad grade from Ted.


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