Monday, February 28, 2005

Michelle Cottle proves she is an editor

The New Republic Online: Self Interest

I think this proves that Michelle cottle is an editor:

Now, if journalists want to promote a serious public discussion about gender or workplace issues, more power to them. But let's try to give the nose-up-Harvard's-backside reporting a rest. More than anything else, it simply confirms everything that George W. Bush has been accusing us of for years now: We're sheltered, we're clueless, and we have vanishingly little interest in the things that matter to anyone who exists outside the confines of our own little echo chamber.

Ahhhhhh she has a finger with a pulse when it comes to American Journalism.

I imagine that she actually speaks to other people; than people she knows, and maybe, even listens to them speak words.

Also you can tell that she knows what side her butter is on when she drops her toast. I only wish she would pay more attention to the content of the stories she has alowed to be published on the TNR web page..


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