Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ms Margert Boyce gets hysterical

HollandSentinel.com -More thoughts on homeschooling 02/08/05

Dear Editor:

Ms. Boyce Ms. Boyce did not make an adequate case for the extreme remedy she advocated. Sexual abuse is a problem for law enforcement it is not an excuse to burden families who choose one particular education system over another. Many children are abused in religious settings but we are not requiring Priest, Rabbis, Imams, Witches and the like to be registered with a Child Regulatory body. Her concerns are less warranted and tend to be hysteria that comes from misunderstanding or dislike of a group (like racism only without the skin color or fear of Gay-ness without the well decorated living room).

I say why can we not get along? There is no one forcing her to home school her children. I agree with her that Home schooling is a great cover for all sorts of abuse and neglect just as being a high school or Jr High teacher is a great way to get access to impressionable children. If she would like to work toward ending sexual abuse there are other avenues that are more effective than persecuting a group that does not have the same values that she does.


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