Friday, February 04, 2005

Natalism sweeps through David Brooks mind

Natalism sweeps across Bush country

Unfortunatly he did not respond.....

Gender is a word that describes the gender of a word. Sex describes
the sex of a person or animal. Therefore a gender cannot have a role
- a person has a role. It is a traditional sex-role. Now people can
role play if they want to but that is something for them to figure
out. I thought that your article was almost explanatory rather than explicative. Your reached for something tangible but what you wrote was still full of self-important blather.

You missed the whole point of your story - people who truly understand what it means to care for another as an individual - rather than seeing everyone around them as part of their own personal satisfaction circle - will have more children. And seeing and caring about each other as individuals means we may have not a moral authority but we see the moral authority all around us.


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