Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NEA: NEA Today Online - February 2005

NEA: NEA Today Online - February 2005

Teachers must be Professional, like basketball players. This is one of the faults of the public school system - teachers are for the most part interested only in their Profession not in the child - oh they may like really like some of their charges but push come to shove they have the intuition.

"What's the fuss about? The most fervent detractors say scripted programs cast publishers as producers, reading coaches as directors, and teachers and students as mere actors in someone else's play. Many complain they take away teachers' ability to make informed, creative choices for their students. "They take the professionalism out of the profession," says Dawn Christiana, a reading teacher in Bellingham, Washington. "You don't have to think; you don't have to modify; you just script." Others say the programs are nothing more than quick fixes for school districts on a desperate search for the Holy Grail of reading instruction—programs that raise reading scores in time to avoid penalties under the so-called No Child Left Behind law."

The child’s awareness of subtext comes primarily from family. Any perception of a subtext is politically motivated. Teach the child to read and they will find the subtext they will find the meaning of anything they read as they live their lives. What is missing is that many children ignore or get board by all the extra crap being fed to them by people they do not trust.

“educators question whether kids being taught today will ever become thoughtful, discriminating readers who can actually grasp a book's real meaning—much less subtext.”

This is why homeschooling works so well because the children trust the teacher. This is why a good teacher parent relationship always works for children. If your child knows you trust the teacher then your child will learn to read.


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