Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Notebook Movie Review

Ack?! This movie was recommended in the homily during liturgy. This last Sunday was the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee, right before the Fast-free week which is like WOO HOOO in Orthodox Christianity and I thought well lets watch it – it can’t be as bad as Beyond Justice (1992) or have anything that my all knowing through confession and spiritual journeying priest would think was very bad.

well that movie was not good in fact I feel as though I missed the point I was lost. It had scenes of cars hiding behind hills of crushed rock and fake southern accents and it was shot in Oregon and you could tell – even though it was supposed to take place in Seabrook South Carolina. I have never been to Oregon never in my life – but I could tell the movie was made there. Anyway it would have helped had not Fr. Thomas completely let out the plot of the film in the middle of church while he was giving one of his really cool, very Orthodox homilies. I was like watching thinking this 5u%. I thought this movie is more like Forrest Gump in a horror movie with sentimental music. There were some of the best horror movie scenes ever in that film the dark room in the nursing home the late at night in an abandoned plantation home with the cute girl about to give in when all of the sudden the guys buddy comes busting in. I got the sense that if I could tweak the music I could get a creepy horror movie out of it All it needed was editing. So I am going to 70rren7 that baby tonight and fire up Windows Movie Maker and use some scary movie music from a computer game and then post my creation here later.


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