Wednesday, February 02, 2005

TNR sucks almost bad enough not to read

Stanley Kauffmann
The New Republic
1331 H Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Mr. Kauffmann

I just finished your article “The Great Divide” I have to say that you are right there is a great divide – between you and reality. Maybe I should say my reality that is if you actually are a real person in my reality because if you were a real person who breathed sumular air to myself I would have to say that you were a pompous old fart.

It is as if by some manufacture of illumination you have been rendered completely subtly innocuous by something. Maybe…. The freeking election could have been saved by watching more teenagers copulating with refrigerators or birds flying steadily and surely toward destinations, or Iranian girls wandering streets before they are hajeebed for the rest of their stultified lives.

I know that you are an old man but thousands of years of not knowing Shiite from a Sunday school teacher does not mean you have any damn thing worth to say: like this pigeon poop on my glasses

For me, a chilling sign of the gravity of this cultural situation comes from the recent presidential election. Political experts tell us that Bush got his majority from what is called the heartland, that the two coasts were more favorable to Kerry. As one who still gapes at the re-election on moral values of a man who led us into a war because of mass-destructive weapons that do not exist, I can't help feeling that at the root of the political thud is a blankness that culture could lighten. The factual ignorance--40 percent of the electorate still believe that the weapons are there--would be less likely in a public of greater sophistication. This is hardly to say that Hare and Sprecher and their kin could have got Kerry elected; but it is certainly to say that those films and hundreds more at their level of ambition might have sharpened some people, made them less ready to accept like hungry puppies whatever was fed them. For decades many of us have been hoping that the stockades would have more of a radiating effect on the territory around them. We're still hoping.

You need help - the kind of help only staying at home drinking Mad Dog 20/20 can do. You need a drug habit or something anything to keep you away from typewriters or vacuum cleaners anything that can be used to aggravate well meaning readers.

It is clear that you should stick to what you know best: blathering on about useless films that not that many people give a big fat Vote for Kerry for.

Politics – it just aint you..


The New Republic Online: The Great Divide


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