Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Brad Warther takes the wrong path

The State | 02/20/2005 | S.C. must choose its path in education

Mr. Warthen

You have crossed the line from journalist to public relations specialist. Who is paying you? Surely you have some monetary interest in swaying the population against this change otherwise you would not have such complete one-sided reporting. Are you being paid directly or indirectly through gifts or through any means? Do you gain entrance to a salon or clique by your insistence on this coverage? Are you receiving any stipends or recognition from the NEA or the Democratic party?

You state hard facts will be used but what about the fact that the money belongs to the people in the first place. That as a parent the tax money will be used to make my home school better. I am a different person my money is different because I am a parent of school age children. This is not a discussion about spending money on war in Iraq I cannot legally raise my own army for my defense. I am not some marauder making the poor public education system suffer, I am a parent who is doing what is best for my children as is my right and responsibility as an American. Whether or not I have personal sluices of money pouring in to my bank accounts on five continents is beside the point.

I seems to me that the Public Education system has problems which need to be fixed and having less or more money is not going to make a difference to me, because I do not give a flying rosy red rat round eye because that is for the bureaucrats to foul up not me.

I want my money to educate my child and that is the debate that is to me the only debate worth talking about the rest of the talking points in your “series” is you blowing smoke up my cake release valve.

I do my part for educating my children and if I ever had the misfortune to send my children to public school believe me I would be very active in making sure that my children got what they need from the tired and misunderstood collection of self-important bureaucrats known as the public education system.

Please sir remove my children – whom are mine, they are my flesh and blood, my kin, my dear ones, my “precious cargo” ,my aggravating blocks on the kitchen floor in front of the oven personal responsibilities out of Our Children Our Schools. They and their minds are my prerogative, because I love them more than you do, more than you could know so leave them out of your Our Children Our Schools series do not consider them as part of “South Carolina’s children” do not even imagine that they exist in the fairy tale fantasy land of your mind in that regard.

Schools are not jails or armies or hospitals to which we are all morally obligated to fund. Parents with children are different we have a choice once our children are grown then we do not have that choice we go back to being regular citizens with only the right to complain bitterly about the wasteland that is public education. Public schools are a free education for people that do not have the resources or same sense of responsibility to educate their children in the best way they can. The future does not depend on public education but on educating the public about choices and about giving parents choices in education. All children deserve this not just my own little ones.

You have not made your point that Sanford is against public education. In fact he is all about making it better stronger and more competent than before as far as I can tell.

You have a personal agenda, a reason for your ill feelings, as an editor that is sad and hypocritical. It is very poor journalism it is very good PR.


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