Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dan Cook missed the point

Free Times • Columbia's Free Alternative Weekly

Dan you have missed the point. You have wasted my time with this regurgitated mashed Jesus crap.

Jesus Himself had nothing to do with it. It was, in spite of all the thought and "facts" you put into the argument for Jesus, a victory for Democracy and the individualism - good old fashioned Americanism. America was founded on coming to know Jesus in some way this is true so the Jesus brand is still very strong I agree but to mix religion into it is stupid. Jesus sells, plain and simple and the one that can have the most Jesus can get the most out of the brand.

But the Jesus brand name was only the brand name - the ideal it sells is American Democracy. Jesus is as American as cowardice is French. It is part of our national identity

What many people did not want is to be told what to do. People hate that more than anything and the Republicans were able to make people feel comfortable with America and the Democrats were better at telling people how they should think.

People voted less for Jesus the Christ of God who raised himself from the dead and instead voted for the Jesus brand.

While that seems counterintuitive - Jesus remember has a way of inviting you to salvation and forgiveness of sins. You make that choice, it is not made for you. That is why it just makes a lot of people mad when they get this mealy mouth crap like maybe we should compromise.

Maybe we could just kind of kill the baby befor it is aborted that way it is only half dead like a zombie, yeah.

Maybe we could say it does not make any kind of sense that two men would be married - just plainer than rain that it does not make sense. You can say you are married even have a document signed by a notary but that does not mean you are married to me and to a lot of people

Maybe then that two women in a house with turkey baster kids would have two mommies - at that point maybe there should be some kind of contractual agreement for support but do not call it marriage - those children are without fathers and so they are always going to lack a father because there is no father so ther can be no marriage.

Maybe we do think that there ought to be more money for mental health and that there should be major reforms in the way that healthcare is funded, maybe there ought to be better ways to house the poor and to treat the overindulgences that keep the poor enslaved. If the Democratic party could endorse this line of reason hell yeah I would vote for Hillary Clinton.

There is a time when reason does make sense, and we can have reason attached to the Jesus brand.


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