Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Eric Boehlert Tears down his writing skills News | Tearing down the press

Really now Mr. Bolert, I think you are wrong – mostly because you do not understand the adversarial nature of politics. You may find that once you leave the confines of your salon you are faced with a cold wind – the cold wind of.. maybe.. could it be?..... Reality? Maybe if we stare real hard and look in the mirror and say I will not be fat, I will not be fat, I will be a thin beautiful princess then, Viola!, we are a princess. I like that you wrote:

The White House and its media allies, echoing a deep-rooted conservative antagonism toward the so-called liberal media, say they are simply countering its bias. But critics charge that the White House, along with partners like Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting, organizations whose allegiance to the Republican Party outweighs their commitment to journalism, is actually trying to permanently weaken the press. Its motivation, they say, is twofold. Weakening the press weakens an institution that's structurally an adversary of the White House. And if the press loses its credibility, that eliminates agreed-upon facts -- the commonly accepted information that is central to public debate.

I just really do not get your point. Is this bad? Now I for one just see a uniquely American political process going on – maybe you wish for a more Russian style of journalism – maybe a car-bomb in your trunk every third week. I really see more ideas out there than less. There is more truth than fiction these days and that is good. Watergate could not bring down a president today – there would be to much “truth” getting out.

Do you know that the main paper in Tallahassee is called the Democrat – that is because it was a Democratic Party run paper back in the old days.

Now what you have written is closer to parody than it is to journalism. You sound a bit like a jilted lover explaining to your friend what really went wrong and how she is such a bitch and so on. Really who decides what the common set of facts is? Will it be you?

I will end on this thing my great-grandmother told me once when I told her I was on the school paper: She said “son, get me my teeth” then she said: “The three things a real journalist goes for are: who, what, when, and in whose underwear” By that time she could not count well anymore. Those words have stuck with me to this day a mantra I use when I read about politics - this is the yard shtick.


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