Monday, March 14, 2005

Michell Cottle makes a poopy

The New Republic Online: Media Glare

This is such a great read. Sort of goes down well sits in the brain like something.

What could it have meant? What what she trying to say? Was it that parents should take more responisbility and take time to really pay attention to thier children? No that was not it. Was it that maybe we should focus our attention on whatever it is. What was that? I give up.

TV sucks. I am an extream example but my children get no TV at all. Only time they get TV is when we visit our "Relations". They do not get PC time either. They do get to go in the back yard we do alow that. Also books - that we alow, as well - that we choose by handing them to our children - like prison guards handing out books in maximum security prisons. Lets see when you are sixteen you can have the real version of the Illiad till then read this...

I get no complaints maybe that is because they know they cannot have all the sugary cearal they want unless they ask very very early in the morning.


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