Wednesday, April 27, 2005

AP has a problem with a writers credibility

AP Wire | 04/26/2005 | Senate wraps up work on state budget: "Senate wraps up work on state budget"

Check this out:

The Senate also set aside $7 million for Charlestowne Landing.

The state Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is doing "less than a miserable job in managing it," said McConnell, R-Charleston. "This is the birthplace of our state and it should not be treated as the stepchild of this state," he said.

What the hell does this mean? This is like a whole new story packed into a sentance. What is left out? what?!!!

If you know anything at all about CTL it is growing and changing and improving. Parks and Recreation has some of the hardest working most longsuffering state employees especially those in charge of managment. He really throws a stink bomb this time


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