Thursday, April 14, 2005

[C]Spaces: Hokin Gallery Archives

[C]Spaces: Hokin Gallery Archives

I bet you are getting a lot of mail now that you have all the free publicity from the gun to Bush’s head stamp. When I saw it I was overcome with the originality of the idea I was so astounded by the fierceness of the artist’s passion that milk came out of my nose.

I went to your web site and I saw that you had some boobies as well. Guns and Boobies are some of my favourite artistic expressions.

I noticed that the rest of the art will express “how humans view their own identity or sex, and sexuality” That seems really really really interesting to me I am sure that if I were to magically appear in Chicago I would drop by to see some of the artistic expressions of passion.


Ted Sbardella
Columbia, SC USA


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