Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Optimism fades, but but Ms. Badwriter just keeps on banging her drum like the enigizer bunny

Optimism fades, but war goes on / U.S. soldiers feel the tragic loss of comrades, yet they know the battle for Iraqi democracy won't end soon
You are a piece lady, your stories are the most negative backwards looking poop scraping – there is a word for the sort of journalist you are – a brown journalist. New meaning to the Muckracker – try shit stirrer. You get an award for that – one of those big carved spoons to hang on your wall. “I disheartened and depressed numerous family members of the 2-7” Anna Badkhen

Really like the last thing you wrote. “Optimism fades” That has to be the most crappy bit of journalistic budgie paper I have ever read. First of all your argument for a war gone bad is not based on reality. No soldier ever thought correctly that they were going to be accepted by the Iraqi people. Hell people here in the US do not like the US military tromping through there towns – I know this first hand.

Second of all any medic you talk to on the planet Earth will tell you that story – hell even here in Columbia South Carolina you could get paramedic to tell you that same story Why would that story be different in Iraq if he was happy and content and telling you about his nail salon he was opening back home with all the money he making on the side – that would be a story.

I have never been to war myself but I dream of being shot every so often I have also dreamed I was being chased by a block of cheese with a monkey head. – I know that is a bit personal Ms. Badwriter but why would I expect to hear this story about a man who is daily living under mortal fear having bad dreams? You know they have treatment for that and your soldier knows where to go.

How do they know that we are questioning the war I do not question the fact that we are in a war. Nobody does - What damn planet are you smoking Medical Marijuana from? How does that soldier know there is some "lack of support" unless you asked him about it and he started thinking "well if this manish Lesbian is talking to me she must know something - after all she can read and had been to college" and then he starts getting depressed.

Ms Badwriter You need to try to find a way to de-cynical yourself - Right now you write negative crap you bring people down and even if you may have some political end even then you still bring people down. I mean if you want to be all anti-war write about the suffering in new and improved ways be subtle now your writing just makes the people you want to influence pissed off.

You’re an idiot.


Ted Sbardella


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