Friday, June 24, 2005

Socialist Evolution - the flightless bird meets the house cat.

The New Republic Online: Socialist Evolution

This article was like reading the meeting of two middle weight science fiction authors. John talks about ideas that sound like stuff that is bandied about by fellows with Star Trek uniforms on while watching belly dancers. I think that the afl-cio is closer to a group of a bunch of guys who do work for a living as opposed to the managers who turn that work into money or the idea factories of the entrepreneurs. There are things that people just do not want – really - and a socialist government is one of them. I really feel sorry for John as he sort of lays his ideals to rest and has to put on regular cloths again. But mostly this article has the feel of a man who feels sorry for himself - like he has some idea that should work only when he pulls the elephants trunk the light does not come on.


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