Friday, July 29, 2005

Dr. Arlene Holpp Scala is a porn spammer - Views - ifeminists - On Campus, Only Some Free Speech Protected
You know having a feeling with Jihad Daniel is making me more sympathetic to Muslims - only to the kind of Muslim that does not really want to lie or to kill me and my family though. I can only imagine that Mr Jihad Daniel is "that kind of Muslim". I think actuall that Dr. Scala is for me entertainment but for Mr. Daniel she is causing him personal problems.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The New Republic Online: The Fevered fear based Troll baiting

The New Republic Online: The Fever

Read this:

These conservatives, many of them militant Christians, harbor a particular hatred for the judiciary, about which they often speak with rhetorical violence. The stronger they get, the weaker they feel. Spiritually, they are always victims. Never mind that almost every significant judicial victory for liberalism is steadily and skillfully turned into a significant political victory for conservatism.

This is like college newspaper editorial. Is this what TNR is? a magazine for people who miss the old college days. This is an example of unintended parody. Like this blog....

Let me “esplain” honey: There are many ways in which the indented victim of this editorial (the toothmarks visible) is in fact only a mirror image of the impacted colonic discharge of the author.
Whatever that meant!? Sometime words just poor out and I stare.

I realize that when you get several authors together around a table and talk about stuff – whatever it may be – men in gorilla suits waving pictures of naked Starbucks baristatitos – Kark Rove and his uncanny ways - you come up with ideas-you-Have-to-write about. Now what is more interesting? Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds or naked female impersonator employees of a coffee house chain? If I was the editor I would be screaming – "Harbors be damned, get me the unclothed with no cream, please" – because for whatever reason it would be more --- funny and more apt to be something else other than bitchy which is what this editorial is even though it is entertaining in that look-at-grandma eat way.

I assume that you all know what you are writing about – because I don’t. I was just letting it dribble off of my tongue – Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds – it is something that has to spoken - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds – Ahhhhhh such a nice ring so very….. so very….. DeSade-esque hmmmm Let Us Loath as we indulge - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds. I just so think of this succulent piece of athourialship and I getting a strange feeling. I must stop. Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds- it just seems so intelligent so vastly comprehending of a Great Idea or whatever. Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds - of the judiciary - that is juicy I am imagining men in long black robes with stern looks while I cower, oh my, oh my……

You has a sick mind Ms. Cottle.

If the b&^ # had just kept her mouth shut and not struggled I would not have had to kill her

Saturday, July 16, 2005


College Bans Morning after pill
One of the things women need to learn in College is responsibility. If they become impregnated there is a responsibility to the child growing or the Human Parasite whatever they want to call him or her that has unwelcomed-ly lodged themself in her womb. - Now what I would like to see is good father law in that a woman could sue a man or impregnator for a good percentage of his future income. That would cause a lot more concern on the part of the man for being sure that he did his part to keep the child from ever being created in the first place.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Australian: Religion, the great unmentionable [July 16, 2005]

The Australian: Religion, the great unmentionable [July 16, 2005]

Wow you have to read this - it makes me feel silly about the pissing on a Koran post - Almost makes you think Muslims could fit in - then you think nah - British Muslims just want to have thier cake and eat it too. The Muslim of England will eventually be like the Anglican. Lets hope so - here is to the first openly Gay Imam!

Thursday, July 14, 2005 - News - British Muslim Leader Says He Was Denied Entry To New York - News - British Muslim Leader Says He Was Denied Entry To New York I trust that there was a good reason and even if there was not a really good reason there was some kind of reason - whatever it was - However you know that a Muslim can say whatever he wants to non-Muslims as long as he is trying to do good.

I found this quote

However, unlike most religions, within Islam there are certain provisions under which lying is not simply tolerated, but actually encouraged. The book "The spirit of Islam," by the Muslim scholar, Afif A. Tabbarah was written to promote Islam. On page 247, Tabbarah stated: "Lying is not always bad, to be sure; there are times when telling a lie is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement of conciliation among people, than telling the truth. To this effect, the Prophet says: 'He is not a false person who (through lies) settles conciliation among people, supports good or says what is good."

Hmmm sounds like we should just accept it as a bad thing.

Rove is actually improving in my eyes

Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

As an idiot I always pride myself on being right-thinking. So I was always distrustful of Rove - I thought that he was all stratagy and no heart - well all this is starting to seem like Rove may be truthul and actually trustworthy. The more I read about this the more it seems that he is very skillful in using doing the right thing to get spin done. Wierd - I always thought that every truth needed a kernal of lie when it came to Rove.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

For Washington Post, High Stakes for Liberals

For Liberals, High Stakes at High Court
The post is thinking there needs to be underdog status for People for the American Way. I really think this is underhanded bias - we forget that most American Way is for them to keep more of ther money. The American Way is to pay your bills and to have a Safer more Secure subway system. Another American Way is to take care of any responisbilities especially any unwanted embryos that may have implanted themselves unwelcomed at the time in a womb.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Aljazeera.Net - Iraqis condemn London blasts

Aljazeera.Net - Iraqis condemn London blasts The last sentance is the takeaway. Sleep well...

"But at the same time, I also blame America and Bush..."

I am sure it is my fault for placeing the explosives too close to a crowded subway. Crap I knew I was doing something wrong while I was sleeping..

Example of good Journalism

Haaretz Article
These guys know they are for entertainment purposes only. Haaretz is ultimately a very cool. They know who thier audience is - Isrealis - people who have to keep thier eyes open all the time especially while driving. I have heard that there is no problem with people driving while talking on the phone in Isreal because driving takes all the available brain cpu cycles - there is no room for searching for Aliens while in a car behind the wheel in Isreal.

So if you are writing a news story for a paper in Isreal you had better know your stuff. because this audience knows what is going on - they talk politics and current events while trying to distract each other so they can get ahead in line at the sandwhich shop. There is none of the Slashdot quibbling over who deserves to be bombed - there is no questiong of deserving anything - only reacting and protecting. This is why they are winning the war on terrorism. Isreal is the wall that Mohammed bangs his sword against to purify his followers. This is the stone that hides in his camels hoof and makes it lame.

I think finding a yeti would be more interesting after all this bombing stuff dies down...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

News is entertainment

Wired News: Who's to Blame for Valerie Plame?

News is entertainment. When you go to a therapist you have to sign a paper saying that you know that if you admit to committing a crime your therapist has to turn you in. Well I'll be pissing on a Koran a long time before my therapist would go to jail for me baby.

Just think about it -- despite all the breast beating and holier than though my brain has more working synapse clusters than yours masterbatory yank-athons about how journalism keeps us all free and protects America – there aint one journalist who cracked an Muslim Terrorist cell or shut down a crack house – no that would be the CIA and the local cop. Journalism is entertainment. Judith Miller of The New York Times, is no better than a backup singer to Britney Spears – she is an entertainer she makes people buy newspapers that then look at bra sales. She is not even better than a therapist in that she is actually not really helping anybody deal with everyday life.

Now if it was an Imam who was put in jail for not turning in a Muslim Terrorist – well even I might be in the streets protesting that – a man has a right to go and confess to a religious leader that is something special - even if the religion is a fascist rip off.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

UPI approves same-sex marriage

Church approves same-sex marriage

This journalist is saying that:

the Congregationalist Church of 17th century New England, has long been in the forefront of social change. The church ordained its first black minister in the 18th century.

The implication is that black ministers are gay. I know it is a stretch but what else do we get to think? What is Social Change? I wonder if social change means we will once again have legal slavery? Or if certain words will be illeagal to utter or to write in a publicly accessible forum.

Is this social change what many people want? What would be frustrating to me if I were a Black minister is that my rights as a man to be recognized as fully human are on the same level as someone’s sexual proclivities.

There were never any moral implications to being Black - you just had certain biological certainties. In the sexual world we make choices - I could never choose to be black like I could choose to cheat on my wife and destroy my family due to my own personal selfishness like the Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire did. In the world we live in we make choices – we live with the consequences.

There is no “marriage” between any member of a non-human and a human or a similar sexed humans. Marriage, for one million or more years, implied a ceremony or the gradual acceptance of the social and personal bonded evolutionary process by which we pass genes to another human who is capable of receiving those genes – even when this process is denied through illness or age or will what remains is the possibility of the creation of life. Anything else – any other close relationship base in love and mutual aid is just masturbation or “fornication” leading to the "child out of wedlock" or Adultry a relationship that leads to bastardy. This is the base level Truth.

The idea that marriage is possible in another context is using the word incorrectly – adding a definition that requires a suffix or a helping adjective- unlike any form of discrimination or changing word use like lady-doctor to doctor or Negro Aviator to astronaut. Gay Marriage will need the modifier because it will cause confusion if it is not there – especially among children. Don’t get me started on this because you will get your feeling hurt I am sure….

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