Friday, July 08, 2005

Example of good Journalism

Haaretz Article
These guys know they are for entertainment purposes only. Haaretz is ultimately a very cool. They know who thier audience is - Isrealis - people who have to keep thier eyes open all the time especially while driving. I have heard that there is no problem with people driving while talking on the phone in Isreal because driving takes all the available brain cpu cycles - there is no room for searching for Aliens while in a car behind the wheel in Isreal.

So if you are writing a news story for a paper in Isreal you had better know your stuff. because this audience knows what is going on - they talk politics and current events while trying to distract each other so they can get ahead in line at the sandwhich shop. There is none of the Slashdot quibbling over who deserves to be bombed - there is no questiong of deserving anything - only reacting and protecting. This is why they are winning the war on terrorism. Isreal is the wall that Mohammed bangs his sword against to purify his followers. This is the stone that hides in his camels hoof and makes it lame.

I think finding a yeti would be more interesting after all this bombing stuff dies down...


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