Monday, July 18, 2005

The New Republic Online: The Fevered fear based Troll baiting

The New Republic Online: The Fever

Read this:

These conservatives, many of them militant Christians, harbor a particular hatred for the judiciary, about which they often speak with rhetorical violence. The stronger they get, the weaker they feel. Spiritually, they are always victims. Never mind that almost every significant judicial victory for liberalism is steadily and skillfully turned into a significant political victory for conservatism.

This is like college newspaper editorial. Is this what TNR is? a magazine for people who miss the old college days. This is an example of unintended parody. Like this blog....

Let me “esplain” honey: There are many ways in which the indented victim of this editorial (the toothmarks visible) is in fact only a mirror image of the impacted colonic discharge of the author.
Whatever that meant!? Sometime words just poor out and I stare.

I realize that when you get several authors together around a table and talk about stuff – whatever it may be – men in gorilla suits waving pictures of naked Starbucks baristatitos – Kark Rove and his uncanny ways - you come up with ideas-you-Have-to-write about. Now what is more interesting? Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds or naked female impersonator employees of a coffee house chain? If I was the editor I would be screaming – "Harbors be damned, get me the unclothed with no cream, please" – because for whatever reason it would be more --- funny and more apt to be something else other than bitchy which is what this editorial is even though it is entertaining in that look-at-grandma eat way.

I assume that you all know what you are writing about – because I don’t. I was just letting it dribble off of my tongue – Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds – it is something that has to spoken - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds – Ahhhhhh such a nice ring so very….. so very….. DeSade-esque hmmmm Let Us Loath as we indulge - Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds. I just so think of this succulent piece of athourialship and I getting a strange feeling. I must stop. Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds- it just seems so intelligent so vastly comprehending of a Great Idea or whatever. Militant Christians harboring particular hatreds - of the judiciary - that is juicy I am imagining men in long black robes with stern looks while I cower, oh my, oh my……

You has a sick mind Ms. Cottle.


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