Thursday, July 07, 2005

News is entertainment

Wired News: Who's to Blame for Valerie Plame?

News is entertainment. When you go to a therapist you have to sign a paper saying that you know that if you admit to committing a crime your therapist has to turn you in. Well I'll be pissing on a Koran a long time before my therapist would go to jail for me baby.

Just think about it -- despite all the breast beating and holier than though my brain has more working synapse clusters than yours masterbatory yank-athons about how journalism keeps us all free and protects America – there aint one journalist who cracked an Muslim Terrorist cell or shut down a crack house – no that would be the CIA and the local cop. Journalism is entertainment. Judith Miller of The New York Times, is no better than a backup singer to Britney Spears – she is an entertainer she makes people buy newspapers that then look at bra sales. She is not even better than a therapist in that she is actually not really helping anybody deal with everyday life.

Now if it was an Imam who was put in jail for not turning in a Muslim Terrorist – well even I might be in the streets protesting that – a man has a right to go and confess to a religious leader that is something special - even if the religion is a fascist rip off.


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