Tuesday, July 05, 2005

UPI approves same-sex marriage

Church approves same-sex marriage

This journalist is saying that:

the Congregationalist Church of 17th century New England, has long been in the forefront of social change. The church ordained its first black minister in the 18th century.

The implication is that black ministers are gay. I know it is a stretch but what else do we get to think? What is Social Change? I wonder if social change means we will once again have legal slavery? Or if certain words will be illeagal to utter or to write in a publicly accessible forum.

Is this social change what many people want? What would be frustrating to me if I were a Black minister is that my rights as a man to be recognized as fully human are on the same level as someone’s sexual proclivities.

There were never any moral implications to being Black - you just had certain biological certainties. In the sexual world we make choices - I could never choose to be black like I could choose to cheat on my wife and destroy my family due to my own personal selfishness like the Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire did. In the world we live in we make choices – we live with the consequences.

There is no “marriage” between any member of a non-human and a human or a similar sexed humans. Marriage, for one million or more years, implied a ceremony or the gradual acceptance of the social and personal bonded evolutionary process by which we pass genes to another human who is capable of receiving those genes – even when this process is denied through illness or age or will what remains is the possibility of the creation of life. Anything else – any other close relationship base in love and mutual aid is just masturbation or “fornication” leading to the "child out of wedlock" or Adultry a relationship that leads to bastardy. This is the base level Truth.

The idea that marriage is possible in another context is using the word incorrectly – adding a definition that requires a suffix or a helping adjective- unlike any form of discrimination or changing word use like lady-doctor to doctor or Negro Aviator to astronaut. Gay Marriage will need the modifier because it will cause confusion if it is not there – especially among children. Don’t get me started on this because you will get your feeling hurt I am sure….


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