Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Free, as in beer, healthcare

The State | 08/10/2005 | Think tanks blast S.C. Medicaid plan

Speaking of beer - we should subsidize beer for the poor as well – it is no lie that a beer cost more of a percentage of a poor persons budget than a rich persons budget – even if the rich buy expensive imported brands. I remember my wife and first child and the still birth of our second child being on Medicaid, as a young father it was nice – more money for beer – we had food stamps and WIC – I never ate so good in my life as when we was poor. I had plenty of money for beer and the wife did not drink it was hootin up time let me tell you.

Now that I am rich things are a lot harder. It is a good thing I gave up drinking because, frankly now that I am rich I do not have the money for it. I have to spend money on my kids violin and karate and ballet lessons so their brains will be full and they will not cry themselves to sleep at night for lack of mental stimulation. I also do not have the money for cable television so I have no idea what to buy once I am in Wal-Mart. I need free health care so I can spend my money more wisely.


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