Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I always talked about this

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We joked about this every time we visited. It was almost like we were trying to ward off this storm. My Grandmother moved from Biloxi in 2002 to Tallahassee She was born and raised in Bay St. Louis I heard but not confirmed that her house that we weathered Camille in was flooded and damaged.

There is no cultural memory of this kind of destruction which is stupid. My dates are not correct but think about the major destructive Hurricanes. 1947, 1968, 2005 every 25 years or so some huge hurricane comes in and devastates. It is amazing – Camille was a major event that loomed over my first 10 years – the boats in the woods, - the slabs near the beach with tile the piles of bricks. The concrete piles in vacant beach front lots. The tales my Grandmother told about the survivors – incredible that all this is surpassed.

I did a history report on the 47 hurricane to get my BA in history slot machines were on the streets in that story as well.


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