Tuesday, August 02, 2005

KRT Wire | 08/01/2005 | Bush endorses teaching Superstition

KRT Wire | 08/01/2005 | Bush endorses teaching 'intelligent design'

This is bad religeon. If you want to teach your children something homeschool do not force the issue on people who do not want thier children taught that crap. It is hypocritical and insane to on one hand decrie the filth and perversion of the NEA and then to require a particular religious training for all students. Why not just have orgies instead of biology class for the secularist and then for the religeous we will handle snakes while praising Jesus. There is such a thing as empirical truth - kids need to know you do not bend truth to fit your religeon you have faith that God would not lie to us about the most important thing - that He loves us. The scripture is just one part of a religeon there is much more to it than that.

GW -100 points for pandering.


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