Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Michael Graham fired up again

FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - D.C. Radio Host Fired for Anti-Islam Remarks

I met him before, he and I have a daughter the same age and we met a Hanukkah play at the first synagogue you come to on Forrest Dr. coming from Trenholm Rd. Our children were attending the Jewish day school and they were in the play – it was really nice, I got my picture taken with him and I met the Warden. He and I are both Christians and we talked a bit about how much we liked the school. He seemed to me to be one of those people who was going to be looking for trouble. He was very sincere and all about opening debate. Which is what this is about "Why Has There Been No Fatwa Against Bin Laden?":: I think that if there was a standing order against Zarqawi and some of those creeps we could feel like there was nothing to fear from our Muslim neighbors - as it stands now one mans hate is another mans religious belief. I know that Muslims gave me the creeps long before they started the war. Something about a woman dressed head to toe in 100% humidity while hubby is in shirtsleeves makes me sad, the other day at Riverbanks Zoo I saw that. I know that must have been what it was like to be around Germans during the Second World War - not all Germans here in America were Nazi sympathizers but still there was a lot of mistrust - natural well deserved mistrust and hostility. We are actually at war – ask Cindy she knows that.


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