Monday, August 08, 2005

This Extraordinarily Provincial story was a headline.

The State | 08/08/2005 | The past catches up with new campus

This was the big headline - what in the world? How is this supposed to be interesting to people in Charleston? or downtown Columbia? I have only the most vague notions of Blythwood - this is not news it is pandering to the idea that money spent on public education is important to us all and the way it is spent is good. This is why I consider The State to be an Organ cleaning service for the NEA. Why the mustachioed Brad Warthen got so upset when I asked him if he was being paid by political forces for Public-Education-the-way-it-is = racist, inefficient, ineffectual, and contrary to the moral sensibilities of South Carolinians. Public education needs to change to be just that Public education. Not the province of the elite indoctrinating the poor into servitude.


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