Friday, August 19, 2005

What in the world

What in the world.

I was thinking about the current state of war.  Orthodox Christianity has no concept of a “just war” but plenty of soldiers are saints.  War is always opposed by the church – but our church is one of the three Orthodox churches near Ft. Jackson so we get visiting soldiers and chaplains often.  It is one of those mysteries of the Church.  I know we are fighting a religious war, it is for the hearts and minds of us all.
I think it is so strange, if you remember the humanity of our neighbor at all if we do not de-humanize, then we try to keep all life sacred wouldn’t these same people be against the broad cultural acceptance of elective termination of human embryos or the experimentation on them?  

If we focus on how people die in a war rather than on supporting the process ending the war while trying to keep the humanity of the soldiers as much as possible we give support to the enemies of humanity.  If we care more for the political process than for the people who suffer – the families of soldiers and the country of Iraq we become evil.

I think the debate should focus on what constitutes success in Iraq.  We must make our selves more human through accepting our responsibilities to the soldiers of the US and people of Iraq.


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