Thursday, September 29, 2005

Democrats need to score on this one - but looks doubtful

GOP Ignores Lessons of Democrats' Past Mistakes:

"In response to the criminal charges he now faces, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) has offered up the time-honored defense of Washington politicians: My enemies are out to get me."

What is different is that this is the truth. DeLay is at the center of a conspiracy to bring down the Republican party. Which the Republican party has to deal with and is dealing with it. Terry M. Neal is just upset that the story is not getting the all out attention he feels it needs. People are used to baseless charges and this is not any different. | Media | An end to macho war reporting

"And that is the great tragedy for war reporting now. We no longer know what is going on but we are pretending we do. Any decent reporter knows that reporting from Baghdad now does a disservice to the truth."

Maggie O'Kane has no clue. She is complaining about the wrong thing. Journalism is undergoing a rebirth the old style is going down and we are getting back to the way things were at the turn of the last century when news papers were interesting.

What is happening is that the real reporting is done by people with passion like Micheal Yon and any of the bloggers and reporters who still have the whatever insanity it is that makes them do the good they are doing while we do "real life" - the same stuff that the soldiers and wives and husbands of soldiers have.

Good reporting is just as important to the war effort as any support service - good reporting is also interesting. Which I guess is not what Richard Gizbert is any more - my guess is that he will be a regular on NPR soon.

Maggie O’Kane will continue with her current therapist wondering why things are so dull and she is still unsatisfied with her current relationship.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Isreal seems to be winning

Fewest deaths this year since intifada began - This gives me hope that Iraq will soon settle down.

Christianity is somehow bad

Yes, in this article Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies: A First Look Gregory S. Paul does seem to place a belief in God right up there with Satan himself as a leading cause of sin.

I wonder what elese we could correlate?

What about hurricanes and social ills - we could say that the US has more tornados spawned by hurricanes because we go to church to much and are just too damn generous. The gods must just be wanting to test us, that is what it is, I am sure of it. This article is the very essence of superstition, no less. If belief in God is somehow shoehorned into a discussion of venereal disease and murder rates we are just worshiping a particular tree and afraid of witches.

He strains at trying to connect the two statements “disbelief in evolution” and “popular religiosity is socially advantageous” to the statement “America has more teen gonorrhea cases than Japan”. What about Saudi Arabia? Don’t they believe in Allah there, a perfectly acceptable higher power according the college that puts out the journal I bet they have a low incident of abortion there. The article is more about imposing hypocrisy than anything scientific – it has more to do with this article Guardian Unlimited | Science | Don't dumb me down than anything else.

Greg has muddled an idea. This is what he is really writing about:

People have religious beliefs that cause them to attempt to discredit some biological science, these same people believe that a religious society is the only good society and anything else will be burned with sulfurous flames of passions. The author wants these people to know that most people in America are Christian and believe in God but that America has more problems than some places where people report less that they believe in God and the Bible. Some places with homogenous populations and more secular government are actually doing better than in our extraordinarily diverse and vibrant culture. Abortion is a good thing for children. The Culture of Life is a misnomer and really just a code word for living in an absolute Hell because porn has been outlawed.

If you are a Christian you must be stupid and hateful. America is a nation of hypocrites because we spend loads of money on healthcare but it is legal to have a gun and lots of people kill each other and we have healthcare crisis’s all the time. Also we have hurricanes and these are bad as well

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Able Danger explained

This guy takes himself very seriously - we should too.

The State | 09/25/2005 | Strong mayor would draw interest of qualified, capable candidates

Mike Dawson for mayor. That would be a good thing. Mike knows what he is doing and has buckets of credibility and whatever that is that means that you will do what you say you will - what is that word integrity- I do like Rickenmann if only because he seems to want to do more with less.

Intelligent design article

The New Yorker: PRINTABLES

This is one of the ways the world was created... I think

Monday, September 26, 2005

The meaning of the numbers

I am perfectly satisfied with this explaination. This would satisfy one of lifes most important mysteries. Where in the name of God's green earth have all those socks gone to? Obviously they are worn by the evil twin. The other is of course who drank the last bit of milk.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Important religeous matter

OhmyNews International

The Bible never specifically mentions gravity being created so it is exempt from religeous dogma, I guess....

Why is this story being suppressed

Did Army project identify Sept. 11 ringleader? | CNET

I think it is interesting that C|net is one of the only places carrying this story.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Free lunch with Gov

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

This would be great if I could ride down to Aiken by 9am. this is a good day to miss church because there is a liturgy at the Saints Mary and Martha, Orthodox Monastery in Wagner on the Saturday before. I think it sounds like a great idea because of this story - Health - Inactivity Leads to Fat Buildup Deep Inside Belly I thought it was nice because if you can ride over 20 miles a week you can pretty much eat anything you want. I have actually noticed this myself I try to do a 5 mile ride three times a week with daily rides to work of a mile and a half – I also take my children out for rides as well. – it does not mean that I eat a box of little debbies and drink a two liter of Mountain dew afterwards – but I eat some nice cheesy stuff with some fried potato things from McDonnalds


This is one compelling blog buddy....

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Contempt is Lee Siegel

The New Republic Online: Contempt This man needs to be spanked. He has the objurgate down without the manual labor of actually knowing what he is talking about. Lee is limpid emotionalism he practically lisps with cultural redecorations. George Bush won the election and he chose God's personal assistant to be Chief Justice. He makes Joe Biden look foolish and all Lee can say is that this quote:

But the appearance of humility actually concealed an arrogant contempt for the purpose of the hearings, as well as a disdain for those aspects of life that, unlike baseball games, require sincerity and conviction.

Just tells me that Lee has a problem with being made to look foolish. It may be that Lee lives in a big city and buys peperoni and has some kind of envy thing going on because he makes tiny ripples I mean tiny ripples.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ms. Wood takes her ball and goes home miffed

Official quits over 'morning-after' pill - Nation/Politics - " It was an unusual public show of discord for the FDA, and prompted lawmakers to call for congressional hearings into whether the nation's leading public health agency allowed politics to trump science in determining the fate of the morning-after pill, called Plan B. "

Since when does science play a large role in anything that has become political. Killing children is political no matter how vulnerable they are.
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