Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Christianity is somehow bad

Yes, in this article Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies: A First Look Gregory S. Paul does seem to place a belief in God right up there with Satan himself as a leading cause of sin.

I wonder what elese we could correlate?

What about hurricanes and social ills - we could say that the US has more tornados spawned by hurricanes because we go to church to much and are just too damn generous. The gods must just be wanting to test us, that is what it is, I am sure of it. This article is the very essence of superstition, no less. If belief in God is somehow shoehorned into a discussion of venereal disease and murder rates we are just worshiping a particular tree and afraid of witches.

He strains at trying to connect the two statements “disbelief in evolution” and “popular religiosity is socially advantageous” to the statement “America has more teen gonorrhea cases than Japan”. What about Saudi Arabia? Don’t they believe in Allah there, a perfectly acceptable higher power according the college that puts out the journal I bet they have a low incident of abortion there. The article is more about imposing hypocrisy than anything scientific – it has more to do with this article Guardian Unlimited | Science | Don't dumb me down than anything else.

Greg has muddled an idea. This is what he is really writing about:

People have religious beliefs that cause them to attempt to discredit some biological science, these same people believe that a religious society is the only good society and anything else will be burned with sulfurous flames of passions. The author wants these people to know that most people in America are Christian and believe in God but that America has more problems than some places where people report less that they believe in God and the Bible. Some places with homogenous populations and more secular government are actually doing better than in our extraordinarily diverse and vibrant culture. Abortion is a good thing for children. The Culture of Life is a misnomer and really just a code word for living in an absolute Hell because porn has been outlawed.

If you are a Christian you must be stupid and hateful. America is a nation of hypocrites because we spend loads of money on healthcare but it is legal to have a gun and lots of people kill each other and we have healthcare crisis’s all the time. Also we have hurricanes and these are bad as well


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