Thursday, September 15, 2005

Contempt is Lee Siegel

The New Republic Online: Contempt This man needs to be spanked. He has the objurgate down without the manual labor of actually knowing what he is talking about. Lee is limpid emotionalism he practically lisps with cultural redecorations. George Bush won the election and he chose God's personal assistant to be Chief Justice. He makes Joe Biden look foolish and all Lee can say is that this quote:

But the appearance of humility actually concealed an arrogant contempt for the purpose of the hearings, as well as a disdain for those aspects of life that, unlike baseball games, require sincerity and conviction.

Just tells me that Lee has a problem with being made to look foolish. It may be that Lee lives in a big city and buys peperoni and has some kind of envy thing going on because he makes tiny ripples I mean tiny ripples.


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