Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Free lunch with Gov

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

This would be great if I could ride down to Aiken by 9am. this is a good day to miss church because there is a liturgy at the Saints Mary and Martha, Orthodox Monastery in Wagner on the Saturday before. I think it sounds like a great idea because of this story - Health - Inactivity Leads to Fat Buildup Deep Inside Belly I thought it was nice because if you can ride over 20 miles a week you can pretty much eat anything you want. I have actually noticed this myself I try to do a 5 mile ride three times a week with daily rides to work of a mile and a half – I also take my children out for rides as well. – it does not mean that I eat a box of little debbies and drink a two liter of Mountain dew afterwards – but I eat some nice cheesy stuff with some fried potato things from McDonnalds


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