Thursday, September 29, 2005 | Media | An end to macho war reporting

"And that is the great tragedy for war reporting now. We no longer know what is going on but we are pretending we do. Any decent reporter knows that reporting from Baghdad now does a disservice to the truth."

Maggie O'Kane has no clue. She is complaining about the wrong thing. Journalism is undergoing a rebirth the old style is going down and we are getting back to the way things were at the turn of the last century when news papers were interesting.

What is happening is that the real reporting is done by people with passion like Micheal Yon and any of the bloggers and reporters who still have the whatever insanity it is that makes them do the good they are doing while we do "real life" - the same stuff that the soldiers and wives and husbands of soldiers have.

Good reporting is just as important to the war effort as any support service - good reporting is also interesting. Which I guess is not what Richard Gizbert is any more - my guess is that he will be a regular on NPR soon.

Maggie O’Kane will continue with her current therapist wondering why things are so dull and she is still unsatisfied with her current relationship.


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