Monday, October 31, 2005

Sulu always disappeared when they stopped at rest areas...

Sulu's gay, what do bloggers say? | | CNET

I think this is funny. There is so much attention given to people who think they are homosexual and then whine about it like it is some big problem. Well if it causes you problems....

It make me sad and upset to think that people are still dealing with the trauma of racism, that it is infecting our present. Why add something to that? Something like sexual behaviours on top of genuine problems related to race and religion and association. Why give people more reason to hate themselves? Why give people reasons to hate each other. Why even coddle that crap. This is what Takai wants for me to coddle his precious sexuality. Well he aint gettin any from me.

Saturday I was listening to a man speak about being Black and growing up in rural Alabama in the fifties. How much hate he had to work through - his own hatred for White people and the stuff he had to go through. But he changed... He expressed taking responsibility for the way he viewed White people He is no longer driven by his passions he is instead very compassionate.

Incidentally this guy was very old fashioned - he was complaining about women drivers on the road when he was driving his Cement truck, I mean he said the word "woman driver" then looked at a lady on the front row and said excepting you of course". I mean that was not very feminist like or nothin'. I swear I thought that he was not whining about being a Black man instead he was grateful that he was alive and living life on life's terms. Grateful that he had the freedom of association and speech that people White and Black had pushed for the civil rights outlined in the Constitution to be extended to all Americans.

I mean what really matters? That we are not putting people in internment camps and we are not segregating people into inferior conditions as a matter of law. That there is still great freedom to practice religion and to maintain relationships with family and associations. This is what really means something to me as an American

That people feel ashamed of themselves - do we really owe them anything? - I am sorry if you have a problem with the way people react to your behaviour I say get over yourself.

In short we need less whining and more compassion and taking responsibility for our sex lives.

Friday, October 28, 2005

J. Daniel Marshall probes. Turns out, he is an idiot. Yes, stupid.

I thought I would return to the roots of this blog. It is essentially a trolling site. I have sent this fool an email to see what sort of idiocity he may return with.

Probing Question: Why do some people choose to homeschool their kids?:

Dear Professor:

I saw a quote from you:

"For these families to dismiss opportunities which can perhaps best be provided through the educational agency of school is a tragic loss which affects everyone who cares about civic America."

What are you? A Communist or somethin’? What the hell does that mean anyway why does anyone “need” the opportunities best provided through the educational agency of a school? Could you not say that same thing about the educational agency of a fishing trawler? Were you talking about Public Education or private – what about Jewish Community schools are they better or a Madrasa teaching human bomb making would you rather my child do that? What you are really saying is that people are best educated the way you want them to be…. You have no clue about what you are saying other than enjoying your pompous pin money they give you for saying those perverted things.

You can take “your” education and your civic America and shove it…. Leave the education to the people.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cottle-ing Condi

The movement to nominate Condi for president

Cottle and Rush are on the same team. This reads like a Rush monologue. In fact I am thinking that she actually knows Rush and they talk. Dr. Rice is someone I really like because she seems to be an icon of reliability asurance and strength whether those are traits we desire as a culture in our President is debatable. Also, I like her because she often attends the Orthodox church.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Women with guns

Iraqi women take up arms - World -

Ann Coulter looks sort of wimpy next to Xena...

Friday, October 21, 2005

The end of the Enlightenment

(Christianity vs. Islam) vs. (Fundamentalism vs. Rationality) ||

I was thinking of this today – there is really no more atheism. There is a struggle over theology. You do not have to be a “Bible Believing Christian” to fall for the Intelligent Design argument. You do not have to be a humanist to accept and live in a context of a slow deliberate evolution to our existence followed by the inevitable extinction of our race. What we are marching toward and what is really inflaming this debate is the inevitable realization that our intelligence is not that special – we will create before to long intelligence that is more creative and intelligent than us and this is what will really create resentment against science and profound self worth problems for a lot of Nobel laureates.

Rather than look at the harm that religious fundamentalists will do lets look at what science that accepts our intelligence as a god will do for us. Better access to porn, really nice anti-wrinkle creams, alternate realities, medicine by statistic, dehumanization, genocide.

Killing off all the priests and imams has been tried before it did not work that well, however we do have a nice record of a whole scientific liberal open culture killed off and shackled by fundamentalism.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

What is the fuss?

there is some argument about the "conservative media" It is just one point of view that creates excitment and drives advertisment. This article is the Splenda(tm) of media criticism.

Read it - if you are "progressive" it will be meaningful I am sure but if you are crictical minded it will seem like an ad for juicer.

Kevin Sites is a porno king

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone From Yahoo! News: "We are professional journalists and will apply to our work the ethical code of conduct as outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists:

1. To seek and report the truth.
2. To minimize harm.
3. To act independently.
4. To be accountable."

What a joke. He is not much better than any of the hundreds of guys who posted dead Iraqis in exchange for Porn....

Kevin Sites betrayed the Marine Corps - he cannot be embedded anymore in Iraq because he lost that privilege and he is to scared to go in alone....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The beginning of orthodox Culture

TNR Online | The End of Gay Culture (1 of 3) (print)

What he is whining about is that American Culture has mediocritized sex, turned it into a brand of dish washing liquid for which there is any number of fragrances. Being Gay is just one more way people get what they want when they want it.

Gay Marriage turned politically legitimate may be what any orthodox Christian or Jew may need to form our own culture Ghettos. It is after all not incomprehensible to just accept the "marriage" I mean it is perfectly legal to have more than one wife in Saudi Arabia - You just think "there goes Ali Baba and his 40 wives" but in your church you know that you would never be forced to support the loving and caring arrangement of two men or two women in some fake version of Holy Matrimony.

It is hard to accept the coming changes - they will not make anyone that happy - but there is the very fact that not everyone has been illuminated or has the ability to subjugate their sexual wants to the will of God - or even to themselves for that matter. There is always compassion and hope. personally I believe that being Gay is just a cover, a wish, a whistle in the dark, to mask the fear of the complexity of our modern world. The overwhelming amount of choices and the profundity of the consequences of those choices and how they effect our psychology and sense of our selves makes us want to pretend there is no choice.

You know that is why when we are baptized we "put on Christ" take on the mind of Christ. It is more than freeing to feel your fake control of this world removed to be replaced with the very Creator and source of life.

"Teachers" complain about job requirements

The State | 10/13/2005 | Teachers challenge new rules

"But they don’t see why they should. So they refuse to jump through the new teacher-quality hoops.

“We’re not doing it. It’s a matter of principle,” Stasney said.

When new laws are passed, lawyers don’t have to retake the bar exam, Carson said, and when new medicines hit the market, doctors don’t have to retake medical exams."

Well they should have doctors and lawyers and such...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

iTunes video review

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Richard Rodriguez makes a fluffy

Online NewsHour: Richard Rodriguez Essay: Desert Faith -- October 10, 2005

"As it has become fashionable for Americans to speak of their religious lives publicly, I confess mine. I go to Catholic Mass every Sunday. I am, you could say, a Christian.

But ever since Sept. 11, when havoc descended in the name of the desert God, I find my easiest companionship with the agnostic and the atheist. I'm Richard Rodriguez. "

Why does he waste his time? And why would this be on the TV?

The law needs to change so that We the People can have our recreation...

Forest Service, bowing to court, embraces Scrooge - Nation/Politics -

"40 permits for family reunions and Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities. " All lost due to the cruelty of Earth Island no mention of this in thier Earth Island Institute: News Room Also there will be no Christmas tree this year - who needs Islam when you have environmentalists?

Teen in news for something other than purient behavior

Daily Record - Local News - Randolph teen publishes her journey of faith

Rather than complain about hair color codes, this teen wrote a book - this is a great story about how God is important.

Katrina and Socialist Central Planning

Katrina and Socialist Central Planning - Mises Institute

Why did FEMA and the Mayor of N.O. fail so badly?

"We might even say that they are in effect sub-normal in intelligence, because government officials stand outside of society, cut off from normal channels of information that the rest of us take for granted. They are isolated from markets and the regular pressures of life. They are not owners of what they control, and have no real stake in the value of their product. They are surrounded by some of the most peculiar people in the world, namely lifetime bureaucrats, power-mad politicians, and lobbyists on the make. This is their world and this is what they know."

Monday, October 10, 2005

good satire

Welcome to the Hackocracy

This just makes me happy that GW treats our Federal Government with the same respect the Public Education croud treats our Children.

Stay at home moms are best

The Observer | UK News | Official: babies do best with mother:

"Leach insisted her findings should not be interpreted as a demand that mothers stay at home. Instead, she described it is as supporting a demand for 'developmentally appropriate high quality childcare'."

I would insist that it should be interpreted that way. If you really care about your children and love them you will want what is absolutly the best for them. So to the extent that you are able you now have a list to go down. Do you have the money to stay home? Do you have enough life insurance so that your wife can stay at home with the kids if you die? As a single mom - can you aford a nanny - is Mom in that role? Having sex is complicated - it is best that it only be carried out by responsible trained persons.

Adult Oriented Smurfs

UNICEF ad drops bomb on Smurfs - World - " Julie Lamoureux, account director at Publicis for the campaign, said the agency's original plans were toned down.
'We wanted something that was real war -- Smurfs losing arms, or a Smurf losing a head, but they said no.' "

I remember pretending this same thing in the 80s- my little sisters army of smurfs was no match for the combined forces of Luke skywalker and GiJoe

Friday, October 07, 2005

George Orwell Lakoff trys out newspeak

George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics

George forgot that language has its own process.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Xtreme Wisdom

"Faith and hope are not merely casual or theoretical matters. Faith requires a steadfast soul, while hope needs a firm will and an honest heart. How without grace can one readily believe in things unseen? How can a man have hope concerning the hidden things held in store unless through his own integrity he has gained some experience of the Lord's gifts? These gifts of grace are a gage of the blessings held in store, which they manifest as present realities. Faith and hope, then, require both virtue on our part and God's inspiration and help. Unless both are present we labour in vain."

St. Theognostos.

Icons grow on you

BoilerStation - Purdue University News, Sports, and Information from the Journal and Courier.:

"'People are really astonished that I would have so many,' she said. 'They become very special when you live with them. I feel much closer to the faith of Christianity than I would have if I had not collected them.'"

Icons are more than art just like the scriptures are more than Ancient Lit. An Icon can focus spirtuality, it is a lense. If given more than a passing thought it will releive blindness.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What it means to be a Christian

OCA - "Life in Christ" Articles:

"It is to allow the Holy Spirit to re-create us in the Divine Image, to lead us from a self-centered state of sinfulness, corruption and death to one of righteousness, peace and joy, as we dwell in eternal and intimate communion with the Lord of all things. "

You cannot say it better than this really... I had a problem with the cookies and Coke thing at first. I just had a hard time getting past that image - whenever I eat cookies and drink a Coke one makes the other less sweet and the cold Coke makes the chocolate not melt in your mouth anyway the explaination of who God is, is adequatly juxteposed against a disharmonus food situation.

there I have made mincemeat of another post...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Why is this not being covered by The State?

Dateline Alabama Because The State and the SUC are together in bed.

This would work in South Carolina

Burlington Free Press - Opinion

This would be perfect for South Carolina. The state has a record of small agencies working together to make a big difference. The idea of project managment being used to provide healthcare is great. I could really see this as a positive community involvment. After seeing how much people want to help each other it makes perfect sense

"Marshaling the resources of state and local government, foundations, pharmacists, hospitals, nurses, dentists, educators, community clinics, churches, and social service workers, the Buncombe County doctors created Project Access."
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