Thursday, October 13, 2005

The beginning of orthodox Culture

TNR Online | The End of Gay Culture (1 of 3) (print)

What he is whining about is that American Culture has mediocritized sex, turned it into a brand of dish washing liquid for which there is any number of fragrances. Being Gay is just one more way people get what they want when they want it.

Gay Marriage turned politically legitimate may be what any orthodox Christian or Jew may need to form our own culture Ghettos. It is after all not incomprehensible to just accept the "marriage" I mean it is perfectly legal to have more than one wife in Saudi Arabia - You just think "there goes Ali Baba and his 40 wives" but in your church you know that you would never be forced to support the loving and caring arrangement of two men or two women in some fake version of Holy Matrimony.

It is hard to accept the coming changes - they will not make anyone that happy - but there is the very fact that not everyone has been illuminated or has the ability to subjugate their sexual wants to the will of God - or even to themselves for that matter. There is always compassion and hope. personally I believe that being Gay is just a cover, a wish, a whistle in the dark, to mask the fear of the complexity of our modern world. The overwhelming amount of choices and the profundity of the consequences of those choices and how they effect our psychology and sense of our selves makes us want to pretend there is no choice.

You know that is why when we are baptized we "put on Christ" take on the mind of Christ. It is more than freeing to feel your fake control of this world removed to be replaced with the very Creator and source of life.


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