Friday, October 21, 2005

The end of the Enlightenment

(Christianity vs. Islam) vs. (Fundamentalism vs. Rationality) ||

I was thinking of this today – there is really no more atheism. There is a struggle over theology. You do not have to be a “Bible Believing Christian” to fall for the Intelligent Design argument. You do not have to be a humanist to accept and live in a context of a slow deliberate evolution to our existence followed by the inevitable extinction of our race. What we are marching toward and what is really inflaming this debate is the inevitable realization that our intelligence is not that special – we will create before to long intelligence that is more creative and intelligent than us and this is what will really create resentment against science and profound self worth problems for a lot of Nobel laureates.

Rather than look at the harm that religious fundamentalists will do lets look at what science that accepts our intelligence as a god will do for us. Better access to porn, really nice anti-wrinkle creams, alternate realities, medicine by statistic, dehumanization, genocide.

Killing off all the priests and imams has been tried before it did not work that well, however we do have a nice record of a whole scientific liberal open culture killed off and shackled by fundamentalism.


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