Friday, October 28, 2005

J. Daniel Marshall probes. Turns out, he is an idiot. Yes, stupid.

I thought I would return to the roots of this blog. It is essentially a trolling site. I have sent this fool an email to see what sort of idiocity he may return with.

Probing Question: Why do some people choose to homeschool their kids?:

Dear Professor:

I saw a quote from you:

"For these families to dismiss opportunities which can perhaps best be provided through the educational agency of school is a tragic loss which affects everyone who cares about civic America."

What are you? A Communist or somethin’? What the hell does that mean anyway why does anyone “need” the opportunities best provided through the educational agency of a school? Could you not say that same thing about the educational agency of a fishing trawler? Were you talking about Public Education or private – what about Jewish Community schools are they better or a Madrasa teaching human bomb making would you rather my child do that? What you are really saying is that people are best educated the way you want them to be…. You have no clue about what you are saying other than enjoying your pompous pin money they give you for saying those perverted things.

You can take “your” education and your civic America and shove it…. Leave the education to the people.



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