Monday, October 31, 2005

Sulu always disappeared when they stopped at rest areas...

Sulu's gay, what do bloggers say? | | CNET

I think this is funny. There is so much attention given to people who think they are homosexual and then whine about it like it is some big problem. Well if it causes you problems....

It make me sad and upset to think that people are still dealing with the trauma of racism, that it is infecting our present. Why add something to that? Something like sexual behaviours on top of genuine problems related to race and religion and association. Why give people more reason to hate themselves? Why give people reasons to hate each other. Why even coddle that crap. This is what Takai wants for me to coddle his precious sexuality. Well he aint gettin any from me.

Saturday I was listening to a man speak about being Black and growing up in rural Alabama in the fifties. How much hate he had to work through - his own hatred for White people and the stuff he had to go through. But he changed... He expressed taking responsibility for the way he viewed White people He is no longer driven by his passions he is instead very compassionate.

Incidentally this guy was very old fashioned - he was complaining about women drivers on the road when he was driving his Cement truck, I mean he said the word "woman driver" then looked at a lady on the front row and said excepting you of course". I mean that was not very feminist like or nothin'. I swear I thought that he was not whining about being a Black man instead he was grateful that he was alive and living life on life's terms. Grateful that he had the freedom of association and speech that people White and Black had pushed for the civil rights outlined in the Constitution to be extended to all Americans.

I mean what really matters? That we are not putting people in internment camps and we are not segregating people into inferior conditions as a matter of law. That there is still great freedom to practice religion and to maintain relationships with family and associations. This is what really means something to me as an American

That people feel ashamed of themselves - do we really owe them anything? - I am sorry if you have a problem with the way people react to your behaviour I say get over yourself.

In short we need less whining and more compassion and taking responsibility for our sex lives.


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