Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Home-School shooting

"Kara Beth Borden"

this is actually the second act of violence in a homeschooling setting I know of... what a nightmare, especially for the the girl; she will have that on her heart forever, she let the evil into her house. What do you say? How do you get past that? Makes all my childhood traumas seem like bad trips to Disney World.

I can see how people may jump on this as a chance to say that Homeschooling needs to be regulated. But if this guy was at a public school what more could he have done? How many others may he have infected. We never really know if we have tomorrow..

While this seems to be rare - While I hate to second guess the dead I imagine that the warning signs were there. Kara was suddenly more withdrawn argumentative fearful worried about what she looked like a lot more. Things that are pretty normal for a teenager - but as a parent the intuition is most important if somebody seems creepy then they should not be in your life - period.

It is also important to keep a regular time like lunch every Tuesday - to spend with your teenage child and during that lunch you are like an CIA interrogator getting to know your child while using your superior age and training to get information and also imparting your ideology your worldview. We are not friends and facilitators to our children we are their protectors and teachers - we shape them and provide sanctuary. We are to be gatekeepers - to check the bags before they come in the house to monitor what they bring in through the computer or the phone. This is not a democracy but a benevolent dictatorship. You should not trust your children completely - it does them a disservice.


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