Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Richard Cohen has a sexual problem and he hates.. Hates Cheney

Iraq and the 'L' Word: "Clinton was impeached for lying about sex, but nobody -- that's nobody -- in the entire Bush administration has been fired, not to mention impeached, for this shedding of American blood. Cheney, a man of ugly intolerance for dissent, should have been the first to go. His has been a miserable, dishonest performance -- which he continues to this day."

You can tell if he met Cheney in the restroom at the movie theater he would keep it to himself.. Whew, what a pants load. I wonder what he really thinks about Cheney?

Why I ask would he be doing something so very.. boring. I mean it is just so coool to hate Cheney these days you practicly have to sign somehing saying that before you can get an iPod. In fact if you still like Cheney you must be a dork or whatever they call dorks these days.


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