Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stacey's Painted into a Little Corner of the World:

Stacey's Little Corner of the World: Female vs. Male

"I was just reading an article about men posting political opinions more than women and a variety of opinions for why. I agree with a lot of them until I read someone writing that Ann Coulter was intelligent. I think she gets hairbleach induced hallucinations and speaks in tongue, not the religious kind but the forked kind."


Now you messin with Ann Coulter.

Unfortunately you have painted your self into a corner by doing the very same thing you criticize.

I have no idea why people are not completely captivated by Ms. Coulter. She has way of being funny by saying things. That is usually a way that people are funny - often times.

Also you said hair bleach induced hallucinations - this is not funny especially to people who make their livliehoods from hair bleach. Like my dear friend Sally who was sitting in a support group just last Sunday night with a disembodied head in her lap. I thought I was having an hallucination but in reality it was only a Cosmotological learning tool.

Please in the future leave the trash talking to the people with proper qualifications.


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