Monday, February 28, 2005

Confocal Microscopes make small movies

The Scientist :: Confocal Microscopes Go LIVE, Feb.14, 2005

Makes really small movies, this is funny I can think of ways this is funny. Home movies by viruses –

Virus 1: “Shirt is on fire, now it’s out”

Virus2: “When I get my cilia on you I will transform your RNA into hydrocarbons”

Pan to foot

Editing problems

I need a copy editor - I know one - copy editors are good..

Michelle Cottle proves she is an editor

The New Republic Online: Self Interest

I think this proves that Michelle cottle is an editor:

Now, if journalists want to promote a serious public discussion about gender or workplace issues, more power to them. But let's try to give the nose-up-Harvard's-backside reporting a rest. More than anything else, it simply confirms everything that George W. Bush has been accusing us of for years now: We're sheltered, we're clueless, and we have vanishingly little interest in the things that matter to anyone who exists outside the confines of our own little echo chamber.

Ahhhhhh she has a finger with a pulse when it comes to American Journalism.

I imagine that she actually speaks to other people; than people she knows, and maybe, even listens to them speak words.

Also you can tell that she knows what side her butter is on when she drops her toast. I only wish she would pay more attention to the content of the stories she has alowed to be published on the TNR web page..

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Microsoft apologizes to a Dutch web site that was inadvertanly blacklisted by Microsoft AntiSpyware

Windows Antispyware (Beta)

This is important because of this phrase:

door een gebruiker als opstartpagina was ingesteld.

Ouch! I would want an apology as well. Good going Microsoft..

Elbert Ventura fails to deliver

The New Republic Online: Best in Show

This article has got to be one of the very worst pieces of foul poop that ever droped from the sky on to paper. What was he thinking he was living up to his name Elbert Ventura. Read this

A legacy of bad choices and a process marred by money make the Oscars an easy target for cynics. But the stubborn fact is that there is room for them. Bloated and frequently laughable, the Oscars are predicated on the grand vision of a timeless form arising from an indifferent business: the dream of movies as a mass art. In an increasingly fractured media age, the promise of movies--good movies--as a force for uniting the culture is a powerful thing. That the Academy all too often confuses the art of movies with the business of making and marketing them is perhaps to be expected. However, it doesn't make our annual disappointment any less keen. Alas, it is also never enough to make me stop watching--and hoping.

Ack he makes me nearly gag on simple printed words I cannot belive I have this feeling - eeew it is so strange.. I just want to run screaming "Stop get his words out of my head please!!!!" His hope Elbert's sincere hope is that we will watch the Academy Awards - it is so unbelieveable this is the proof that the actuality of the Academy Awards is borne of flatulence and is as meaningful.

I beg to differ with him I do not live in "an increasingly fractured media age" I can imaging having one and needing a cast and maybe a bottle of pain pills - which is what I would need if any photon of light that was cast from a tv set showing the Academy awards strikes my cornea.

He can expect anything he wants - that don't mean he gonna get it - especially confusion - I can see clearly when film is marketed it is on a poster or on a trailer or stenciled on cleavage in a sports bar. What is his point? Why write that many words and not have said anything?

EEEEEEEElbert! Ack

Fetus speaks out for rights

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

thousands of public servants who devote themselves to the task every day aren’t working wonders all the time

Ms. Brook:

“thousands of public servants who devote themselves to the task every day aren’t working wonders all the time”

I think I could say that and be genuine really I do it is not destructive or ignorant, thank you very much but it is a considered opinion based upon personal experience and research.

My children are educated at home for about a thousand bucks a year any more money would really help. My mother is a teacher so I know about the trials of that group of people- but you know the people who work at Wal-mart and convenience stores have a bad time too and you are not getting all high and mighty to help them are you?

Teachers know what they are doing - that is why it is so hard to keep the good ones in public schools because they know- I know quite a few ex-teachers I would never want to work for that system not if you paid me a king’s ransom and sent me to the Academy Awards as a guest of Cris Rock. or as much as they pay the bureaucrats who work for the department of education or at USC for that matter - well I may work for USC as a bureaucrats because I would not have to do much I could be one of the three or four vice-presidents of Student Affairs maybe be in charge of the video monitoring of the dormitories – hmmmmmmm you got me thinking there.

What I am saying is that you are pandering my dear. Pander pander pander.


Cris Rock is a Rock baaabay


LA Weekly: Columns: Deadline Hollywood: Will Chris Rock Be Oscar Dyn-O-Mite?:

I have got to say that I will not be watching the Oscars. What for? I have never seen anything as yawnworthy as this year even Cris Rock is better read about than seen I am very interested in what will be written about it though. I absolutely love all the uncertainty not about who will win but about what effect the recent election and the supposed reason so many voted- morality – will have. I have actually seen the angst in many articles about this effect. It is just coming to a big climax during the Oscars because the Adcamy awards happen to be third in line. So natch they get what is effectively the pooled poopy of the intellectual/entertainment complex. What Drudge has done is merely be the pin-prick to pop the zit - what I am witnessing with your article and it is just one of so many - I see the pattern now so clearly- is damage control.

The operative motivation behind your article is to provide the salve of calmness to try to make sure that the group has a reason for showing up now that it really does matter outside the gates of Hollywood. It is so sad but I can see the cracks; the stucco has some water damage and mold is growing. You can tell by this paragraph-

And agents. And stars. “These people actually do exist on a higher plane when they’re experiencing pop culture. They are the pop culture. We’re talking about Brad and Jen and George. Tom Cruise in a villa in Spain thinking what he’s going to do in M:I-4. They’re creating the culture, not partaking in it. And Chris is very conscious of this and will play to those people.”

Baby you are thinking of Britney Spears – she is the only culture maker I see in town here in SoCarol and I can tell you that Brad and Jen are faces people see as they put down asparagus and grits Tom Cruise is still selling seats on Navy fighter jets as far as I can see. Mr. Rock will be playing to them because they will be the only people who care. If anything he will have super ratings if only because it will be more like a Jerry Springer show this year in many peoples minds.

Liberals look to Aliens to save them

The New Republic Online: Alien Nation What in the world? I like this best

“It's not enough that we're being led by a heartless idiot and his team of obsequious solipsists and hustlers, that we're in a unnecessary war, that the federal government has withdrawn itself almost entirely from the business of promoting the social good.”

Coming from TNR I can understand. I think personally that the Government of the US should be getting out of the "business of promoting the social good” precisely because it will promote somebody's social bad. Lee Spiegal is a Hypocrite it is so apparent in

Lee - I hope that you get over yourself because you are stirring a pot of poop that only you and your fellow tnr online buddies will smell. Alien boy needs some therapy.

Lee puts this in as well

“There is something in Jennings's open attitude to all of this of the new deference to so-called religious people that suddenly seized the commentating classes after the election last November.”

What does this mean? And what does it have to do with the story about aliens and Peter Jennings he has wasted precious electrons and seconds. I can actually say that Siegal is making as much sense as me…

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Notebook Movie Review

Ack?! This movie was recommended in the homily during liturgy. This last Sunday was the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee, right before the Fast-free week which is like WOO HOOO in Orthodox Christianity and I thought well lets watch it – it can’t be as bad as Beyond Justice (1992) or have anything that my all knowing through confession and spiritual journeying priest would think was very bad.

well that movie was not good in fact I feel as though I missed the point I was lost. It had scenes of cars hiding behind hills of crushed rock and fake southern accents and it was shot in Oregon and you could tell – even though it was supposed to take place in Seabrook South Carolina. I have never been to Oregon never in my life – but I could tell the movie was made there. Anyway it would have helped had not Fr. Thomas completely let out the plot of the film in the middle of church while he was giving one of his really cool, very Orthodox homilies. I was like watching thinking this 5u%. I thought this movie is more like Forrest Gump in a horror movie with sentimental music. There were some of the best horror movie scenes ever in that film the dark room in the nursing home the late at night in an abandoned plantation home with the cute girl about to give in when all of the sudden the guys buddy comes busting in. I got the sense that if I could tweak the music I could get a creepy horror movie out of it All it needed was editing. So I am going to 70rren7 that baby tonight and fire up Windows Movie Maker and use some scary movie music from a computer game and then post my creation here later.

EW's Chris Rock interviewer weighs in on Matt Drudge

Entertainment Weekly's | Feature: EW's Chris Rock interviewer weighs in on Matt Drudge

You know I was thinking about it and it is true - that only only Gay men will watch the show.

I know I have never, ever, watched the academy awards except for a couple of times and I was gay both times - but I did not watch all the way through so it really doesn't count. The rest of the times I never watched the Adcadmey awards I was not gay. That did not mean I wrote the word "gay" on whiteboards Big Mistake all around my school I may have written the word "Malthusian" on all the whiteboards or even "Chataqua is Fine" on a few just to see a furrowed brow. I imagine I will be gay again soon as my children get to the age of gayness-phobia.

You know why I have never really gotten over my fear of being gay - I have to carry my wife's purse like the rotting carcas of a feral dingo if I have to transport it in public-toting is it is as if I am an an Iranian nuclear scentist on my way to the bomb lab with the sack of highly enriched gerbil droppings. Anyway I can just hear my son - "the fact that you talk to people using your vocal cords is so gay Dad can't you use your blue tooth enables mental telepathy tool like all the other dads?" I imagine I will question my own non-gayness for a split second right before I take away his blue tooth enabled mental telephony tool and make hime use his hormonally assaulted vocal cords when he has to use my Sprint cell phone which I will still be locked into because I keep changing plans so often......

I have always thought that Academy Awards show was gay anyhow. Not retarded, just gay - you would have to be gay to watch all those retards getting fake awards for stuff nobody really cares about anyway.

Josh Wolk I pwn your 60007y says the Academy Awards man.

A parent's primer to computer slang

A parent's primer to computer slang

This is important stuff - it will really help understanding the transcripts of the keylogger you put on little Billy's computer.

File sharing

Yahoo! News - High-Tech Tension Over Illegal Uses

It will allways happen. They are just trying to get money.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

good word

"If you want to be a true, zealous son of the Orthodox Church, you must do so by the fulfillment of the commandments of the Gospel toward your neighbor. Do not dare to convict him. Do not dare to teach him. Do not dare to condemn or reproach him. To correct your neighbor in this way is not an act of faith, but of foolish zeal, of prelest and pride. Abba Poemen the Great was asked, "What is faith?" The great man replied that faith consists in always remaining in humility and showing mercy to one's neighbor, forgiving them all their discourtesies, offenses and sins. Foolish zealots make out that their faith is the prime cause of their zeal, but true faith and true zeal is humility and mercy toward all. Let us leave the work of convicting and judging people on the persons whose shoulders is laid the responsibility to rule and judge their brethren."

Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov

Instructions to New Monks

NEA: NEA Today Online - February 2005

NEA: NEA Today Online - February 2005

Teachers must be Professional, like basketball players. This is one of the faults of the public school system - teachers are for the most part interested only in their Profession not in the child - oh they may like really like some of their charges but push come to shove they have the intuition.

"What's the fuss about? The most fervent detractors say scripted programs cast publishers as producers, reading coaches as directors, and teachers and students as mere actors in someone else's play. Many complain they take away teachers' ability to make informed, creative choices for their students. "They take the professionalism out of the profession," says Dawn Christiana, a reading teacher in Bellingham, Washington. "You don't have to think; you don't have to modify; you just script." Others say the programs are nothing more than quick fixes for school districts on a desperate search for the Holy Grail of reading instruction—programs that raise reading scores in time to avoid penalties under the so-called No Child Left Behind law."

The child’s awareness of subtext comes primarily from family. Any perception of a subtext is politically motivated. Teach the child to read and they will find the subtext they will find the meaning of anything they read as they live their lives. What is missing is that many children ignore or get board by all the extra crap being fed to them by people they do not trust.

“educators question whether kids being taught today will ever become thoughtful, discriminating readers who can actually grasp a book's real meaning—much less subtext.”

This is why homeschooling works so well because the children trust the teacher. This is why a good teacher parent relationship always works for children. If your child knows you trust the teacher then your child will learn to read.

The State | 02/15/2005 | School tax credit bill sparks rallies

The State | 02/15/2005 | School tax credit bill sparks rallies

This has got to be one of the most well written, well researched and thought provoking pieces of journalism I have come across about homeschooling so far..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I feel better now

Carol Reeves explains the Pagan origens of Christianity

.: Corvallis Gazette-Times :. Archives

You wrote:
"Lent can be traced back to a 40-day festival of abstinence dedicated to the worship of Astarte, a Chaldean fertility goddess. The pagan festival took place in the spring, and early church leaders became alarmed that their celebration of Christ's resurrection would be overshadowed."
Where did you get this information? Besides being irrelevant to the story it is misleading and inaccurate. The story you were writing was less about history of Orthodox and Catholic tradition and more about the effects of Reformation. If you used only one source for your statement you have added to the confusion many people feel these days about the "history" of the Church. I hate to sound like a Journalism professor but - you have a duty as a writer to bring clarity, to complete, to flesh out a story. What you did was muddle the readers mind, in my case you just frustrated me because I know better.
Ted Sbardella

________________________________________ Carol Reeves Mon, Feb 7, 2005 at 2:59PM To: Ted Sbardella Ted,

The primary source for the paragraph you quote below was author Martha Zimmerman who discusses the history of the entire Easter season at length in her book "Celebrating the Christian Year." I had no reason to doubt her research and to believe she was presenting a credible interpretation of the history of Lent.

There are also a number of Internet resources that allude to the pagan influences on this particular season (as well as most other Christian holidays) which back her up. From all the reading I've done over the years as a religion reporter, there is much evidence that the Early Church "Christianized" many elements of the common worship practices and rituals of the day as they competed with the idolatrous culture of the day. To my eyes it's not unlike what a lot of churches do today in hosting "Harvest Celebrations" instead of Halloween parties, updating their music programs to reflect contemporary artists or using the latest technology and media for "good" instead of "evil."

You did not explain your views on the origins of Lent before the Early Church's formal adoption of it in the fourth century. You think the explanation I provided is inaccurate and misleading -- what would you have written about how Lent came about? I have written several articles over the years about the meaning of Lent and how various faiths have made it a valued part of their Easter celebration. This time I simply wanted to explain to our readers why there are some Christian denominations that do not emphasize Lent. I rarely have enough newshole to really "flesh out" stories the way I would really like to and I must choose to narrow my focus. I'm sorry that in this case, you believe I fell way short in giving our readers as much information as they needed to understand the debate over Lent. Thank you for writing -- I always appreciate getting feedback from the articles I write.

Carol Reeves, religion reporter Corvallis Gazette-Times [Quoted text hidden] ________________________________________ Ted Sbardella Wed, Feb 9, 2005 at 4:14PM To: Carol Reeves Ms. Reeves:
Thanks I am sorry it has taken so long, I have no clue about the origins of Lent other than having faith that it evolved out of a desire to be closer to God. Frankly, it has nothing to do with your story, If you want to do a history of Lent then make that a story, your story was about the reasons for different Christian groups give for not observing this tradition.
What was anybody doing before Lent became part of the Christian church year? You call in to question the present by your focus on the past.
I made the statement:
"Besides being irrelevant to the story it is misleading and inaccurate."
You pretty much tell me the same thing, it is like a staring contest
I say your use of Zimmerman's idea is misleading because it gives the impression that religion is the product of itself, and end to itself. You as a writer mislead your reader to a place where the religious observance is just a morph of another religious observance the meaning is stretched to breaking. You provide for your non lent practicing reader an excuse to think of it as wrong because its roots are in pagan celebration, not just to avoid it because it is not part of his religious tradition.
Inaccurate, I say that because there is no real proof without being there, of what happened, what was going through the "Lent Formation Committees" mind. It is beside the point.
You have to look at the angle of the author of any history – what bone do they have to pick where would the information on some organic process that was never documented because it was evolutionary to be found? We have only writings; homilies that explain it or that use the practice as a teaching tool. Lent is never explained as a replacement for another castaway forgotten religious practice. Why would we want to know that before there was lent there was another religious practice unless we were trying to keep an assumption. If we had traditions we want to keep and need desperately to make another's seem weird or wrong.
Any religious practice can be seen as taken from some other predecessor practice. If you stare at the wrong place you will see a seam. But we are not all bowing before Oz here.
The Jews have lots of great fasting holidays, they make wonderful religious sense. The Jewish story of how all the souls were created is beautiful but does not fit with the Orthodox Christian belief that each soul or person is created at the moment of conception. The roots of these assumptions are based in the history of the groups the stories the dogmas of their beliefs. But one is Orthodox Jewish and the other Orthodox Christian.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Ms Margert Boyce gets hysterical -More thoughts on homeschooling 02/08/05

Dear Editor:

Ms. Boyce Ms. Boyce did not make an adequate case for the extreme remedy she advocated. Sexual abuse is a problem for law enforcement it is not an excuse to burden families who choose one particular education system over another. Many children are abused in religious settings but we are not requiring Priest, Rabbis, Imams, Witches and the like to be registered with a Child Regulatory body. Her concerns are less warranted and tend to be hysteria that comes from misunderstanding or dislike of a group (like racism only without the skin color or fear of Gay-ness without the well decorated living room).

I say why can we not get along? There is no one forcing her to home school her children. I agree with her that Home schooling is a great cover for all sorts of abuse and neglect just as being a high school or Jr High teacher is a great way to get access to impressionable children. If she would like to work toward ending sexual abuse there are other avenues that are more effective than persecuting a group that does not have the same values that she does.

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Calendar exchange

iCal Exchange

I know I can never remember how to spell calendar much less how to share one with my friends.

Mozilla has a cool Calendar Browser you can open Calendars to organize your life what Coolness what a way to spend your time

review and get

Review of Mozilla's Sunbird Stand-Alone Calendar Application :: Open Source, Linux News & Software - :: Linux & Open Source News from Across the Community

Anyway it is easy then to go to iCal Exchange sign up and get your Colender Hosted.

Then go to iCalShare - Share Your iCalendars! and share it in a place that is searchable and has nifty browsing catagories.

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Truck crashes into a house

I am working

Silly personality profile.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I test as an alien woman holding a pyramid. I bet it was because I put down that I give good backrubs....

Carol Reeves does not do research.

.: Corvallis Gazette-Times :. Archives

Ms. Reeves

You wrote:

"Lent can be traced back to a 40-day festival of abstinence dedicated to the worship of Astarte, a Chaldean fertility goddess. The pagan festival took place in the spring, and early church leaders became alarmed that their celebration of Christ's resurrection would be overshadowed."

Where did you get this information? Besides being irrelevant to the
story it is misleading and inaccurate. The story you were writing was less about history of Orthodox and Catholic tradition and more about the effects of Reformation. If you used only one source for your statement you have added to the confusion many people feel these days about the "history" of the Church. I hate to sound like a Journalism professor but - you have a duty as a writer to bring clarity, to complete, to flesh out a story. What you did was muddle the readers mind, in my case you just frustrated me because I know better.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Natalism sweeps through David Brooks mind

Natalism sweeps across Bush country

Unfortunatly he did not respond.....

Gender is a word that describes the gender of a word. Sex describes
the sex of a person or animal. Therefore a gender cannot have a role
- a person has a role. It is a traditional sex-role. Now people can
role play if they want to but that is something for them to figure
out. I thought that your article was almost explanatory rather than explicative. Your reached for something tangible but what you wrote was still full of self-important blather.

You missed the whole point of your story - people who truly understand what it means to care for another as an individual - rather than seeing everyone around them as part of their own personal satisfaction circle - will have more children. And seeing and caring about each other as individuals means we may have not a moral authority but we see the moral authority all around us.

Maralyn Lois Polak gets a nasty email

Strike The Root - a journal of liberty: "This woman is whacked"

WorldNetDaily: Edumacating Rita: In praise of public schools

Read on:

Ms. Polak:

No doubt thanks to Google Alerts your mail box is filling
You wrote:

“but this really becomes yet another staggering responsibility falling squarely on, in most cases, Mama's shoulders. And don't tell me the lack of socialization with others doesn't take its toll on these kids' psychological development.”

You have no idea about what you are writing, I am serious, you are actually dense here – like an anvil. What research do you have to back this up? I have lived next to a lot of wierdos some were African-American do I then say “since my neighbors, who were Black, drank all night and had loud fights therefore they might ALL have that problem to one degree or another”.

The socialization argument is a ruse to cover your discomfort or envious feelings – it is a lie to think that homeschool kids don’t get the necessary, even better socialization, there is just way to much solid evidence to back the fact that home is the very best place to teach (really to fact check see the HLSDA web site they will point you to lots of positive information.) All of the Homeschooled kids I know have a much greater ease in various social settings they can relate to children of many different ages and to adults. The teenagers are striking – homeschooled teenagers do not have that awkwardness, un-sureness or hostility around adults but can actively engage in a conversation after all the young adult can count other adults as his or her peer in the many activities that they may be involved in.

I am grateful we homeschool because my ten year old girl is growing up full of wonder about her surroundings and interested in social movements – she and I had a long discussion about the humor of Mary Poppins this morning - I am not going to deconstruct it for you but she knows how to think critically about media and what she reads – “They” can’t teach critical thought in any school because it would offend to many people. My daughter is not a tween she has no desire to listen to anything other than great music and read and to bird watch. She plays imagination games with her friends rather than blather on about media or marketing fluff. Homeschool is American freedom, we give, my wife gives the best possible world for our children.

Your article did nothing but prove that you are probably racist or have tendencies toward that because of your ability to stereotype and to use faulty unproven theories about groups, be careful, that would be a terrible thought crime to have on your record I wont turn you in this time but I am watching you….

She wrote back

google alerts? you were notified, via some keyword, like
home-schooling? fascinating. thanks for your note. i think you're
jumping to unwarranted conclusions. in fact, i am afro-american, one.
and two, the cases i cited were those i encountered. freakazoids!!
happy new year. mlp

I then went in to set the hook

I cannot tell you how many "cases" I have encountered in my time. As far as unwarranted conclusions, I assure you that is it exactly, your conclusions were what I wrote about, because in spite of your African-American-ness you have still managed to stereotype a group.
You have still used "information" that is inaccurate and misleading. In short I am "impugning your integrity" to quote a famous Black woman.

Not I assure you out of some hostility toward you but because I have an interest in good well written journalism.

Was I to mean? If you read the article and had two working brain cells they would both be in agreement that she was writing about something she knew nothing about.. Not that that matters really I guess... I try not to be judgemental but maybe I was. If I was I am sorry Ms. Polak but being wrong gets you a bad grade from Ted.

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On Judging your neighbor

"If you want to be a true, zealous son of the Orthodox Church, you must do so by the fulfillment of the commandments of the Gospel toward your neighbor. Do not dare to convict him. Do not dare to teach him. Do not dare to condemn or reproach him. To correct your neighbor in this way is not an act of faith, but of foolish zeal, of prelect and pride.

Abba Poemen the Great was asked, "What is faith?" The great man replied that faith consists in always remaining in humility and showing mercy to one's neighbor, forgiving them all their discourtesies, offenses and sins. Foolish zealots make out that their faith is the prime cause of their zeal, but true faith and true zeal is humility and mercy toward all. Let us leave the work of convicting and judging people on the persons whose shoulders is laid the responsibility to rule and judge their brethren."

Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov

I really think this is important especially these days seeing how much religion can be destructive. If I could live by that I would be a saint… how close can I get? The important thing is how do we approach this in our every day lives. Individually and in relationships we do not judge but that does not mean that we accept behaviours or ideas without judgment especially around our children.

I certainly want to judge the children and the parents of the children that my kids are with, the types of influences they would encounter. These are the responsibility of parents to rule and judge over our children.

It is a line that only by asking and acceding to the will of God do we know how to live….

Kevin has a point

Kevin Benson has a point. It is hard to admit but I agreed with Paul Thorrot till I actually tried to use MSN search. I think it will be a short while befor Google has a an operating system. A very simple secure operating system that works..

Hawk's Nest

How do I protect my children from the Internet?

I saw this the other day, it was a question in a newsletter on computer problems.

I am trying to find some kind of parental control program that will log what my teenage kid does online--e-mail, passwords, and such. My daughter has recently changed all her passwords and has become very secretive. We're concerned that this may lead to trouble. Does anyone know of a program that is reliable and has had no problems associated with it? I would be most appreciative!

I thought that of all the questions this on had have the least technical answer. Part of dealing with computers a helpdesk Tech is that computer problems are really people problems that have wires. I have to be sure that I address the real problem which a lot of the time is not even technical or hardware. She was not really asking about how to deal with a computer but how to deal with her daughter.

This was my answer:

Trying to solve family interpersonal communication problems with technology is like having group therapy at a car repair shop (which, in my experience, is probably how my car is fixed). The surest way to get to the root of the problem is by talking about it with your daughter. Making time to just talk, especially about the computer, is important. Share your concerns with her, sharing halves the burden because as a teenager she is getting old enough to start making the “bad” decisions you made and she needs to know you care and can help. Talk about your own experiences growing up, but most of all listen and don’t judge her unless it is really dangerous. Your concern is the first line of defense. The children who are used by online perpetrators have little or no communication with their parents on a regular basis.

The most effective and inexpensive parental control program is regular sit down meals with conversation, a PC in the kitchen or some easily viewable place, lock the computer or switch users and you and Dad or Mom have “The Password” and kids get on the PC for a specific reason only when they ask and the parents unlock the session.

Parental control programs are like reading her diary, unless you have a strong relationship you may find yourself very disappointed in what you discover. It would be better to learn about her through a relationship, through words she speaks to you.

I have to admit I am trying to get a prize if they pick my answer I get a training cd. What you see is that to rely on technology to keep our kids safe we are relying on systems that can be broken or worked around. The only sure way to keep your kids safe is to follow a Christian path in your own life.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

How to automatically delete the paging file when you use the Sysprep.exe tool to create an image of Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

TNR sucks almost bad enough not to read

Stanley Kauffmann
The New Republic
1331 H Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Mr. Kauffmann

I just finished your article “The Great Divide” I have to say that you are right there is a great divide – between you and reality. Maybe I should say my reality that is if you actually are a real person in my reality because if you were a real person who breathed sumular air to myself I would have to say that you were a pompous old fart.

It is as if by some manufacture of illumination you have been rendered completely subtly innocuous by something. Maybe…. The freeking election could have been saved by watching more teenagers copulating with refrigerators or birds flying steadily and surely toward destinations, or Iranian girls wandering streets before they are hajeebed for the rest of their stultified lives.

I know that you are an old man but thousands of years of not knowing Shiite from a Sunday school teacher does not mean you have any damn thing worth to say: like this pigeon poop on my glasses

For me, a chilling sign of the gravity of this cultural situation comes from the recent presidential election. Political experts tell us that Bush got his majority from what is called the heartland, that the two coasts were more favorable to Kerry. As one who still gapes at the re-election on moral values of a man who led us into a war because of mass-destructive weapons that do not exist, I can't help feeling that at the root of the political thud is a blankness that culture could lighten. The factual ignorance--40 percent of the electorate still believe that the weapons are there--would be less likely in a public of greater sophistication. This is hardly to say that Hare and Sprecher and their kin could have got Kerry elected; but it is certainly to say that those films and hundreds more at their level of ambition might have sharpened some people, made them less ready to accept like hungry puppies whatever was fed them. For decades many of us have been hoping that the stockades would have more of a radiating effect on the territory around them. We're still hoping.

You need help - the kind of help only staying at home drinking Mad Dog 20/20 can do. You need a drug habit or something anything to keep you away from typewriters or vacuum cleaners anything that can be used to aggravate well meaning readers.

It is clear that you should stick to what you know best: blathering on about useless films that not that many people give a big fat Vote for Kerry for.

Politics – it just aint you..


The New Republic Online: The Great Divide

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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Elections and Democracy are Heresy

This is interesting reading, if you like reading the translated ramblings insane murderous madmen.
This guy is like a really bad case of salmonella poisoning he needs to be cooked at very high temp before handling or is that washing hands?

Either way he reminds me of the crazy ramblings of racialists here in the USA toned down a few notches but you could easily replace the word race with religion and get the same effect.

Iraqis should not be able to vote because people are inferior to allah = Blacks should not be able to vote because they are inferior to Whites. Either way he (mufti Zarqawi) is the one who would be making the rules. I am the king - it is good to be the king....

-----Original Message-----
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Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 7:08 PM
To: Ted Sbardella
Subject: Zarqawi and Other Islamists to Iraqi People: Elections and Democracy are Heresy


To View Recently Translated Segments from Arab and Iranian Television

Special Dispatch - Iraq/Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project

February 1, 2005

No. 856

Zarqawi and Other Islamists to the Iraqi People: Elections and Democracy are Heresy

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML format, visit

As the elections in Iraq drew near, Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi addressed the Iraqi people in a speech that was posted on Islamist websites, in which he stated that democracy and the elections are heresy. This address was supported by similar calls from the Mufti of the Jihad warriors in Chechnya, Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Sayf, and by "Jaysh Ansar Al-Sunna" and other Islamist organizations in Iraq. The following are excerpts from their statements:

'Democracy Is the Very Essence of Heresy, Polytheism, and Error'

In a taped speech from January 23, Al-Qa'ida's leader in Iraq, Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi, raised seven arguments for why democracy equals heresy:

"What harvest has the American aggressors and their Shi'ite allies reaped from the invasion of and aggression against the peaceful lands of Islam? Their outrages and blatant lies have become apparent to the entire world, and their arguments and false claims of achieving security and safety for the apostate Iraqi government have all collapsed. Now they are completely preoccupied with making the big American lie called 'democracy' successful. Americans have been playing with the minds of many peoples with the lie of 'civilized democracy;' they have deluded them that their happiness and prosperity is conditional upon this inadequate human system, and subsequently the infidel American administration declared war on Iraq and Afghanistan because it is the primary protector and guardian of democracy in the world...

"Democracy has come to tell us that the people in a democratic regime constitute both the executive power and the source of authority and that it has the last say in all matters, and no one can appeal [the people's] decisions and no one can criticize [the people's] rulings, for it has full power and it is the source of authority. Its will is sacred, its choice is binding... That which the people permits is permitted, that which it forbids is forbidden, and that which it accepts as law and regime must be accepted as such. Anything else has not sanctity nor value nor weight, even if it is religion or divine law given by the Lord of the world.

"This principle - that is, government of the people [and] by the people - is the very core of the democratic system ... and it exists only through this [principle]. This, then, is the 'religion of democracy' which is being praised and glorified with much fanfare. This is what its theoreticians and thinkers and missionaries keep publicizing, and this in fact is what we see and experience in the reality from which we suffer. Democracy, in all its variations and interpretations, is based on principles and foundations, the most important of which may be summarized as follows:

"First: Democracy is based on the principle that the people are the source of all authority, including the legislative [authority]. This is carried out by choosing representatives who act as proxies for the people in the task of legislating and making laws. In other words, the legislator who must be obeyed in a democracy is man, and not Allah. That means that the one who is worshiped and obeyed and deified, from the point of view of legislating and prohibiting, is man, the created, and not Allah. That is the very essence of heresy and polytheism and error, as it contradicts the bases of the faith [of Islam] and monotheism, and because it makes the weak, ignorant man Allah's partner in His most central divine prerogative - namely, ruling and legislating. Allah said: 'Sovereignty is Allah's alone. He has commanded you to worship none but Him' [Koran 12:40]. 'He allows none to share His sovereignty' [Koran 18:26]...

"Second: Democracy is based on the principle of freedom of religion and belief. Under democracy, a man can believe anything he wants and choose any religion he wants and convert to any religion whenever he wants, even if this apostasy means abandoning the religion of Allah... This is a matter which is patently perverse and false and contradicts many specific [Muslim] legal texts, since according to Islam, if a Muslim apostatizes from Islam to heresy, he should be killed, as stated in the Hadith reported by Al-Bukhari and others: 'Whoever changes his religion, kill him.' It does not say 'leave him alone.'

"One may not make a [peace] treaty with an apostate, nor grant him safe passage or protection. According to Allah's religion, he has only one choice: 'Repent or be killed.'

"Third: Democracy is based on considering the people to be the sole sovereign, to whom all juridical matters and conflicts should be referred, and if there is any controversy or conflict between governor and governed, each of them threatens the other to refer to the will of the people and its choice, so that the people should decide on the matter on which is disagreed. This conflicts with and is contradictory to the principles of monotheism, which determines that the arbiter, deciding by His judgment in matters of discord, is Allah and none else. Allah said [Koran 42:10]: 'And in whatever thing you disagree, the judgment thereof belongs to Allah.' Democracy, on the other hand, says: 'And in whatever things you disagree, the judgment thereof belongs to the people and to none beside the people...'

"Fourth: Democracy is based on the principal of 'freedom of expression,' no matter what the expression might be, even if it means hurting and reviling the Divine Being [i.e. Allah] and the laws of Islam, because in democracy nothing is so sacred that one cannot be insolent or use vile language about it.

"Fifth: Democracy is based on the principle of separation between religion and state, politics, and life; what is Allah's is rendered unto Allah, which is just worship in the places designed for it. All other aspects of life - political, economic, social, etc. - are the people's prerogative...

"Sixth: Democracy is based on the principle of freedom of association and of forming political parties and the like, no matter what the creed, ideas, and ethics of these parties may be. This principle is null and void according to [Islamic] law for a number of reasons... One of them is that voluntary recognition of the legality of heretical parties implies acquiescence in heresy... Acquiescence in heresy is heresy...

"Seventh: Democracy is based on the principle of considering the position of the majority and adopting what is agreed upon by the majority, even if they agree upon falsehood, error, and blatant heresy... This principle is totally wrong and void because truth according to Islam is that which is in accordance with the Koran and the Sunna [i.e., the tradition of the Prophet], whether its supporters are few or many; and that which contradicts the Koran and the Sunna is false even if all the people of the world agree on it..."

"It is both noteworthy and surprising that despite the fact that democratic experiments have had damaging consequences for the Muslims, causing weakness, controversy, division, and conflict ... despite all this, many people continue to admire democracy and defend it as though they were its owners and creators; their hearts are imbued with the love of democracy as the Children of Israel were imbued with the love of the [golden] calf... Allah has decided this matter: 'I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship' [Koran 109:1], and at the end of the same chapter [He says]: 'You have your religion and I have mine' [109:6]. The matter, then, is a matter of principle; it is non-negotiable, and there can be no concession regarding it whatsoever... It is a matter relating to the principles of our creed - nay, it is the very essence of our creed." (1)

Al-Zarqawi's Organization Warns Against Going to Vote

A statement published on January 26, 2005, by the "Al-Qa'ida Organization in Iraq," headed by Al-Zarqawi, reads as follows:

"Your brothers in the military wing of the Al-Qa'ida organization in Iraq announce:

"1. Oh enemies of Islam, prepare yourselves and fortify whatever you like, wear as much armor as you can. We have men who love death as you love life. Our fallen [go to] heaven, and yours - to hell. While your reinforcements come from the Jews and the Christians, our reinforcements come from the Blessed and Lofty Allah.

"2. Take care not to go near the centers of heresy and abomination, that is, the election [booths.] He who has warned has carried out his duty; [if something happens] do not blame us, but yourselves.

"3. Oh the gardens [of Eden], prepare yourselves; oh black-eyed [virgins], approach; oh brigade of martyrs, say, 'There is no God but Allah,' and 'Allah Akbar.' The martyrs' wedding is at hand."(2)

Al-Zarqawi's Mentor, Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi: 'Democracy Is a Religion of Heresy'

The claim that democracy is heresy is already evident in writings by Al-Zarqawi's mentor, Issam Muhammad Taher Al-Burqawi, who goes by the pseudonym Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi. A Palestinian Salafi, who is currently incarcerated in Jordan, Al-Maqdisi became Al-Zarqawi's mentor in 1989. In his book, 'Democracy is a Religion,' Al-Maqdisi wrote:

"[Democracy is] denying Allah the Almighty, attributing [to other deities] partnership with [Allah,] the Lord of heaven and earth, and [it] contradicts the religion of monotheism [i.e., Islam] and the religion of the prophets, for many reasons. Among them:

"First, [democracy] is legislated by the masses or the regime of tyrants, and it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted. Allah commanded his Prophet to act according to the law that He sent down to him, and forbade him from following the desires of the nation or the masses and warned him that they would divert him from some of the [precepts] sent down by Allah: 'Judge between them by that which Allah has sent down, and do not follow their wishes to deviate from it' [Koran 5:49]...

"As for the religion of democracy and polytheism, those who worship it say: 'Judge between them by that which the people wish; be wary of deviating from what they want, desire, and legislate...' This is what they say, and this is what democracy instructs, therefore, democracy is heresy and partnership [with Allah] if it is implemented...

"Second, the rule of the masses or the tyrant is in accordance with the constitution, and not in accordance with the law of Allah. This is what is stated in their constitutions and their books, which they sanctify over the Koran. Evidence of this is that the law [of the constitutions and books] is preferred to the law [of the Koran], and the law [of the constitutions and books] is higher [to them] than [the Koran's] laws... According to the religion of democracy, the masses do not accept the judgments and laws ... unless they are based on the precepts and articles of the constitution, because they see it as the father of the laws and the holy book. In the religion of democracy, there is no consideration of the Koranic verses or the Hadiths of the Prophet, and laws cannot be legislated in accordance with them unless they are compatible with the precepts of their holy book, the constitution...

"Third, democracy is the vile fruit and illegitimate daughter of secularism, because secularism is a heretical school of thought that aspires to isolate religion from life or separate religion from state and law, and democracy is the rule of the people or the rule of the tyrant. But in any event, it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted, and it does not take the unswerving legislation of Allah into account at all unless it is first compatible with all the articles of the constitution, and then with the desires of the people, and even before that with the desires of the tyrant or the masses.

"Therefore, if the entire people was to tell the tyrant or the lords of democracy: 'We want to act according to the law sent down by Allah, and then no one - not the people, not the MPs, and not the ruler - will have the right to legislate laws. We want to implement the law of Allah regarding the apostate [Murtadd], the adulterer, the thief, the wine-drinker. We want to require the woman to wear a veil [Hijab], to act modestly, and [we want] to prevent [her] from adorning herself. [We want to prevent] obscenity, corruption, adultery, sodomy, and other abominations.' [If the entire people was to tell the tyrant this,] the tyrant would immediately tell [those demanding it] that these demands are against the religion of democracy and democratic freedoms." (3)

'Democracy is a Farce' to Grant 'Legitimacy' to the New Government, Which 'Serves the Crusaders'

On December 30, 2004, the Army of the Supporters of the Sunna [Jaysh Ansar Al-Sunna], the Jihad Warriors Army [Jaysh Al-Mujahideen], and the Islamic Army in Iraq [Al-Jaysh Al-Islami] published a joint statement titled 'The Farce of Democracy and Elections,' in which they said:

"The origin of the term 'democracy' is Greek. It is an abbreviation of two words, whose meaning is 'rule by the people' or 'the people's legislation,' that is, that the people are the ones who legislate for themselves laws that suit their aspirations and goals.

"This concept is denying Allah the Almighty, attributing [to other deities] partnership with the Lord of heaven and earth, and [it] contradicts monotheism, the Muslims' religion. According to democracy, if the majority of the public votes in favor of a given law, such as legalization of marriage between [two] men or between [two] women, as is accepted among them [in the West], then this law becomes legislation which obligates everyone, even if it contradicts Allah's religion and His law...

"According to democracy, members of parliament and national assemblies become gods and lords aside from Allah. They have the right to legislate together with Allah...

"Appealing to laws which were established by men and which contradict Allah's law is polytheism and the diversion of worship to one other than Allah... Anyone who appeals to a [law] other than that of Allah, even in a single matter - he has apostatized, has attributed [to other deities] partnership with Allah, and has left the fold of Islam...

"This issue, then, is a farce which [our] enemies have created in order to grant what they call legitimacy to the new government, which serves the Crusaders and carries out their designs. To strive to make these elections successful and to participate in them is the greatest gift [that could be] given to America, the enemy of Islam and the tyrant of this era.

"At the same time as the Jihad groups are ardent about the people's interests ... they call upon all Muslims zealous for their religion not to participate in this act of heresy, whose aim is to permit heresy and to permit behaving according to the heretical laws drawn up by the Crusaders, and to remove the great religion from the reality of our lives and to propose secularism as a substitute for it.

"In addition, we call for support of the Jihad warriors who offer up their souls and their blood in order to help this religion and to make it triumph." (4)

The Mufti of the Jihad Fighters in Chechnya: 'Democracy [in Iraq] is a Victory for the Crusaders'

The first issue of Al-Fath online magazine, which was published in December 2004, posted an open letter by the Mufti of the Jihad fighters in Chechnya, Sheikh Abu Omar Al-Sayf "to the Jihad warriors in Iraq regarding democracy and the elections," which read:

"Your Jihad against the Crusaders is defense of Islam, whose enemies are aiming to remove it from the hearts and lives of the Muslims. In this crime of democracy, the ones aiding them [the Allied forces] are members of our people and those who speak in their name, who call their apostasy and corruption 'reform'...

"Democracy [in Iraq] is a victory for the Crusaders, even if they retreat from Iraq and leave their agents to guard the idol of democracy that has become the god worshipped besides Allah.

"Accordingly, the Jihad warriors must wage Jihad against the soldiers of the idol of democracy, whether these [soldiers] be Crusaders or their democratic agents who are apostates from Islam [Murtaddoun]...

"The enemies of Allah, the Crusaders, and the apostate groups have closed ranks and agreed to establish an infidel democratic government in Iraq, despite differences in their schools of thought and trends. In contrast, the Jihad warriors have no united leadership, and no general imam to whom they have sworn allegiance...

"The arrival of democracy to the Muslim countries will constitute great corruption. Therefore, the Jihad warriors in Iraq must close ranks and swear allegiance to a general imam of the Muslims in Iraq to whom the rules of the Imama [imamate] apply, and who will be chosen by the Shura members, the Jihad warrior commanders, and the Ulema of the Muslims.

"But it is forbidden to hold general elections to choose the general imam or [to choose] members of the Shura council even in a country ruled by the laws of Islam, because these are the methods and ways of the infidel democratic regime, and [these methods] must not be associated with Islam.

"The evidence for the ban on holding general elections is:

"1. The regime, according to Islam, [must] be Allah's, not the people's or anyone else's. The people must obey the order of Allah and his laws...

"2. Annulling the Shari'a conditions that must be met by the imam or the Shura members, and also annulling the Shari'a method for choosing the imam, and replacing [the Shari'a method with] democratic elections means accepting the rule of the idols instead of the rule of Allah...

"3. The aim of the Imama is to apply Allah's Shari'a in all areas of life, to impose justice, and to promote virtue and prohibit vice. In order to realize the goal of the Imama, Shari'a has set conditions that must be found in the imam, such as justice and honesty, [religious] knowledge, courage, and other conditions.

"But general elections rely on the caprices and impulses of people, and most people vote for whoever meets their desires, regardless of the conditions of the Imama...

"4. Allah created Djinns and people so that they would worship Him... The conditions of the Imama, according to Shari'a, are aimed at realizing this goal. But general democratic elections annul these conditions, since electing [a leader] is done according to the caprices and desires of people. This contradicts the acceptance of His command and submission to Him.

"5. Allah showed that most people do not obey Him, and are not interested in His Shari'a and in His rule, but are interested in Jahiliyya [pre-Islamic] law... How, then, can the fate of the establishment of the rule of Allah on earth be dependent on this majority that desires Jahiliyya law and distances itself from the law of Allah?

"6. Islam does not treat equally - either in this world or in the world to come - the wise and the ignorant, the Muslim and the infidel, the pious and the sinner. But the elected democratic regime treats all these as equal in the elections...

"7. The principle of general elections is perceived by many to be legitimate. Many think that legitimacy is obtained by a majority of people, and not from the Book of Allah [i.e., the Koran] and the Sunna of His Messenger..."(5)


(1) , January 23, 2005.

(2) , January 26, 2005.

(3) The link is currently not active.

(4) , December 30, 2004.



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