Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mr. Cohen cojures up some college girls

The New Republic Online: Morning-After Sickness

Jonathan obviously needs some magic as his argument seems to beg the question: Where is my beer?

Any after rape treatment at a hospital includes this treatment guidelines or not. Its absence from the guidlines is obliviously a nice tool to get sympathy for his point but it means that he does not know what he is talking about. The questions he needs to ask first are how many rapes resulted in pregnancy? What is the best treatment for a rape victim?

bringing rape into a debate about abortion is like bring rape into the debate over gay marriages what in the world does it have to do with it spousal rape will happen to a gay couple so why not just prevent gay spousal rape altogether by refusing to let them be married - we will call it something else instead? Why de-humanize? Why hurt the rape victims again by arguing over the right to victimhood.

It is sickening.

Ted Sbardella

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I need an copy editor

One of the cool things about having a blog is that you can post things that no one reads. Unfortunatly without a god copy editor your works look unfinished and have the credibilty of Bill Clinton at a Teen Pregnancy summit. I asked my wife to take the job as she once took a Copy Editing class at the University of South Carolina. She said

"I home school your children all day plus take care of a sick parokeet and live in this old mill house next to train derailment site with you as my husband and you want me to spend time on your internet thingy what ever it is. I have to re-learn high school algebra do you want to help grade her math?"

She read it and laughed she thought it was funny. This is the same reacition I have to the way she cuts my hair - she likes it - I guess maybe that is all that matters I make my wife laugh. She wont do any copy editing though so I am stuck with raw un edited blog.

AP has a problem with a writers credibility

AP Wire | 04/26/2005 | Senate wraps up work on state budget: "Senate wraps up work on state budget"

Check this out:

The Senate also set aside $7 million for Charlestowne Landing.

The state Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is doing "less than a miserable job in managing it," said McConnell, R-Charleston. "This is the birthplace of our state and it should not be treated as the stepchild of this state," he said.

What the hell does this mean? This is like a whole new story packed into a sentance. What is left out? what?!!!

If you know anything at all about CTL it is growing and changing and improving. Parks and Recreation has some of the hardest working most longsuffering state employees especially those in charge of managment. He really throws a stink bomb this time

Thursday, April 14, 2005

[C]Spaces: Hokin Gallery Archives

[C]Spaces: Hokin Gallery Archives

I bet you are getting a lot of mail now that you have all the free publicity from the gun to Bush’s head stamp. When I saw it I was overcome with the originality of the idea I was so astounded by the fierceness of the artist’s passion that milk came out of my nose.

I went to your web site and I saw that you had some boobies as well. Guns and Boobies are some of my favourite artistic expressions.

I noticed that the rest of the art will express “how humans view their own identity or sex, and sexuality” That seems really really really interesting to me I am sure that if I were to magically appear in Chicago I would drop by to see some of the artistic expressions of passion.


Ted Sbardella
Columbia, SC USA

Monday, April 04, 2005

The State is a racist rag

Mr. Warthen has proven without a doubt the convictions of his liberal heart. He claims that public schools are the “cornerstone of America” he is wrong, Judeo-Christian morals and respect for public discourse is the “cornerstone of America”. The Nazis and the Soviets had the best public school systems the kind he would like to emulate I am so sure he would want to live in one of those societies. Why drag his good ideas in the mud of name calling and raise the specter of fascism - to quote the schoolyard excuse – he started it first.

I called and spoke to the Education Minister last month and he had some good points – for someone living in the Disneyland of Good Government. He wants us to believe that Gov Sandford does not care about Black boys getting good educations because he wants us to equate poverty with being African-American. He wants us to think Rebel Flag when anyone who does not want line the pockets of his intuitional friend’s pockets with our tax dollars says “Education Reform”.

Put Parents in Charge is a means to an end. It will break the dependency – it will empower parents if nothing more than give parents who care about education hope – hope that there will be some house cleaning. It will give parents some way other than just complaining about how crappy their school is. They can move if they want to even if they cannot they will know that someone cares about their child’s education not just about “public education”.

Mr. Warthen is wrong by comparing this educational reform to the reactionary “white flight” in the 60’s Mr. Warthen wants more than anything for you believe that to be Black is to be stuck in poverty and to be White is to be selfish hateful. Maybe that is his problem but it is not this White man’s problem.

Put Parents in Charge has nothing to do with White Flight and to try to tie them is getting his facts wrong. It is possible for an opinion to be based on poor judgment and bad logic which is what dragging race the skeleton in the closet our very own near genocide into the argument is – he is trying his best to poison us with the radiological bomb of race. I am not going to let it go this time. What he wrote was just wrong.

We need to hear the words of MLKs speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial and hope for that day - he was speaking for all of us White, Black, Jew, and Gentile when he talked about facing down government sponsored inequality – which is what we still have in our public education system. Put Parents in Charge will put the fire under the bureaucrats to educate rather than indoctrinate, to enforce responsibility rather than a fake, socialist-dream equality.

I for one in these times of war and economic uncertainty want to believe that my African-American fellow citizens are my equals and people who help me to pursue happiness and security - not to be some scapegoat to pin the evils of society upon. I will not accept that African-Americans are a drain into which tax dollars are poured Mr. Warthen.

We need this bill more than ever if racism is the argument against it.-

If Warthen loathes South Carolinians so much why does he not white flight to New York City where people think like him and have such good well funded public schools.
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