Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I always talked about this

Hurricanes & Tropical Storms on Yahoo! News Photos

We joked about this every time we visited. It was almost like we were trying to ward off this storm. My Grandmother moved from Biloxi in 2002 to Tallahassee She was born and raised in Bay St. Louis I heard but not confirmed that her house that we weathered Camille in was flooded and damaged.

There is no cultural memory of this kind of destruction which is stupid. My dates are not correct but think about the major destructive Hurricanes. 1947, 1968, 2005 every 25 years or so some huge hurricane comes in and devastates. It is amazing – Camille was a major event that loomed over my first 10 years – the boats in the woods, - the slabs near the beach with tile the piles of bricks. The concrete piles in vacant beach front lots. The tales my Grandmother told about the survivors – incredible that all this is surpassed.

I did a history report on the 47 hurricane to get my BA in history slot machines were on the streets in that story as well.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally they will finsh the trail

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This is a cartoon from Al Medina press. This must be the Ted Rall of the Arab world Posted by Picasa

The new Nazis

This is a cartoon from Al Medina press. This must be the Ted Rall of the Arab world

مؤسسة المدينة - جريدة المدينة اليومية

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Michael Graham fired up again

FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - D.C. Radio Host Fired for Anti-Islam Remarks

I met him before, he and I have a daughter the same age and we met a Hanukkah play at the first synagogue you come to on Forrest Dr. coming from Trenholm Rd. Our children were attending the Jewish day school and they were in the play – it was really nice, I got my picture taken with him and I met the Warden. He and I are both Christians and we talked a bit about how much we liked the school. He seemed to me to be one of those people who was going to be looking for trouble. He was very sincere and all about opening debate. Which is what this is about "Why Has There Been No Fatwa Against Bin Laden?":: I think that if there was a standing order against Zarqawi and some of those creeps we could feel like there was nothing to fear from our Muslim neighbors - as it stands now one mans hate is another mans religious belief. I know that Muslims gave me the creeps long before they started the war. Something about a woman dressed head to toe in 100% humidity while hubby is in shirtsleeves makes me sad, the other day at Riverbanks Zoo I saw that. I know that must have been what it was like to be around Germans during the Second World War - not all Germans here in America were Nazi sympathizers but still there was a lot of mistrust - natural well deserved mistrust and hostility. We are actually at war – ask Cindy she knows that.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Maureen Dowd.... Ack!

'Peace Mom's' marriage a metaphor for Dems:

"Maureen Dowd, who writes like she's auditioning for a minor supporting role in ''Sex And The City.''"

Friday, August 19, 2005

What in the world

What in the world.

I was thinking about the current state of war.  Orthodox Christianity has no concept of a “just war” but plenty of soldiers are saints.  War is always opposed by the church – but our church is one of the three Orthodox churches near Ft. Jackson so we get visiting soldiers and chaplains often.  It is one of those mysteries of the Church.  I know we are fighting a religious war, it is for the hearts and minds of us all.
I think it is so strange, if you remember the humanity of our neighbor at all if we do not de-humanize, then we try to keep all life sacred wouldn’t these same people be against the broad cultural acceptance of elective termination of human embryos or the experimentation on them?  

If we focus on how people die in a war rather than on supporting the process ending the war while trying to keep the humanity of the soldiers as much as possible we give support to the enemies of humanity.  If we care more for the political process than for the people who suffer – the families of soldiers and the country of Iraq we become evil.

I think the debate should focus on what constitutes success in Iraq.  We must make our selves more human through accepting our responsibilities to the soldiers of the US and people of Iraq.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back to nature

I have been taking my 11 year old out for lunch once every week or so.  I hope I can do it for the foreseeable future.  We get some bread or bagels at the bagel shop then go feed the birds on the statehouse grounds.  Yesterday there were baby sparrows, juvenile blue jays, a thrasher and a cockaded woodpecker then the pigeons showed up.  It was really nice – it was hot though.  At one point a jay called out a hawk warning and every bird left – disappeared like in the movies,  I expected a t-rex to come stomping out from behind the Civil Rights memorial.  Anyway it got to hot so we left.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Harvard sets out to prove there is no God

CNN.com - Harvard to explore origins of life - Aug 15, 2005

I like this quote:

"My expectation is that we will be able to reduce this to a very simple series of logical events that could have taken place with no divine intervention," said David R. Liu, a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard.

What does that have to do with the origens of life?

What does divine intervention have to do with science - I thought science just explained our world gave us insight, provided us with more realistic computer generated porn. The real aim of the Harvard study is to shove a monkey bone up the cake release valve of the Idiot Design crowd. This is not about "science" it is monkey bone manipulation.

Jesus is just alright with me..

It's All About Jesus - Christianity Today Magazine

Today in America I know we have a sense of personal management. That we should be tolerant of each others individual management styles and that we should learn to mold our selves to them likewise- like we are all fast food restaurants with sweaty hairneted slave drivers pressing the burgers of our souls. Be more accepting be less accepting the customer is always right but spit in the mayonnaise glob before you send it out. I like this quote:

I'm not arguing for relativism, but humility. Objective truth exists, but our human ability to discern it is limited. In fact, Truth is not a set of ideas—it's a person. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life." We only know Truth as much as we know Christ.

That is why becoming Orthodox Christian is best. It is in the name of Jesus that we find strength at any time. It is on the lips of martyrs as they die at the hands of deceived men. It is in the name of Jesus that we feel hope. It is on the door of our hearts even when we give in to the pressure and stage dive into the culture fall on the floor and get trampled. Not everybody sees Him that way and that is the best part of it. That is how we know as Christians that we are right that is how we can be hypocritical to on one hand feed and the other hold a knife – metaphorically that is.

We have the assurance of Salvation a true salvation the kind that is eternal, a bringing closer to God but only in as much as we are willing to accept it. To forgive the other first and to trust, to release the fear and desire for the comforts of this life for the real Comforter. It is to hard. Hard to accept that our God became a man staying one in essence died and rose again that His Spirit dwells within us.

We evolved over billions of years but are each created at the moment of our conception through an imperfect and often selfish and self-obsessed act. It is out of so many choices so much an abundance of distractions that we are called. If we are lucky we hear if we are lucky someone else hears for us and helps. We Christians need Jesus more than ever what he says about how to live our lives is so relevant. We need the belief in the resurrection and the life of the world to come because this one has such expensive gasoline these days.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Free, as in beer, healthcare

The State | 08/10/2005 | Think tanks blast S.C. Medicaid plan

Speaking of beer - we should subsidize beer for the poor as well – it is no lie that a beer cost more of a percentage of a poor persons budget than a rich persons budget – even if the rich buy expensive imported brands. I remember my wife and first child and the still birth of our second child being on Medicaid, as a young father it was nice – more money for beer – we had food stamps and WIC – I never ate so good in my life as when we was poor. I had plenty of money for beer and the wife did not drink it was hootin up time let me tell you.

Now that I am rich things are a lot harder. It is a good thing I gave up drinking because, frankly now that I am rich I do not have the money for it. I have to spend money on my kids violin and karate and ballet lessons so their brains will be full and they will not cry themselves to sleep at night for lack of mental stimulation. I also do not have the money for cable television so I have no idea what to buy once I am in Wal-Mart. I need free health care so I can spend my money more wisely.

Dealing with loss

Talking Wounded Often dealing with loss means you take what control you can. What better way to accept loss than to deny the powerful some part of your self, to look at authority with distain to feel conciet and pride.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

wow -

Science & Theology News: "Niels Henrik Gregersen "

Terrorism's effects in Columbia, SC

The parents of a friend of mine were caught in a religious bombing in the Middle East, they were nearly killed and they lost close friends. Their mother is living with them now she can’t go home to the coast because she is afraid “they” are still after her. PTSD is not one of the illnesses one expects parents to suffer from in their golden years – . It really has this family in a bind – knowing what to do how to help her. I believe it will help them all - bring them closer – PTSD works with the past to form the present, in order to work through it a sufferer has to include loved ones in the process – it can make families closer if they have faith. I really believe this family has that faith.

Britney Spears eats food, has baby.


This, while making me slightly nauseous, gives me a feeling of hope. I am so grateful that Ms. Spears is no longer offering her body to the hairy hoards of celebrity obsessed vitamin d lacking strange men and obscure yet revealing wardrobe decisions to the pre-teen ankle biters who crowd the pretzel stand during Christmas in the mall. Instead she is incubating a child.

Monday, August 08, 2005

This Extraordinarily Provincial story was a headline.

The State | 08/08/2005 | The past catches up with new campus

This was the big headline - what in the world? How is this supposed to be interesting to people in Charleston? or downtown Columbia? I have only the most vague notions of Blythwood - this is not news it is pandering to the idea that money spent on public education is important to us all and the way it is spent is good. This is why I consider The State to be an Organ cleaning service for the NEA. Why the mustachioed Brad Warthen got so upset when I asked him if he was being paid by political forces for Public-Education-the-way-it-is = racist, inefficient, ineffectual, and contrary to the moral sensibilities of South Carolinians. Public education needs to change to be just that Public education. Not the province of the elite indoctrinating the poor into servitude.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Fascist Cayce Government seizes land and displaces aboriginal group

The State | 08/05/2005 | West Columbia moving ahead with Riverwalk The river flood plain is a wild place - there are lots of "homeless" home sites out there some of them are long term. When Ozzie gets moving he calls in the bulls that toss them out - eviction notice - but you know that is life. It is a lawless place down by the river and having the concrete paths and light posts help but it is still a bit strange- the Columbia side is policed almost completely differently than the Wet Columbia side.

Cage match scheduled for Fox news

CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set

That is cool thing about Fox news is that they have a cage and they do not let people off the set till one of thems blood pressure drops below a certain level -

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The War Is Over

“global struggle against the enemies of freedom, the enemies of civilization.” - Google Search

The new one has begun. Lets hope this one has bigger fireworks. I would like to see some nukage - some glowing glass walled craters - Oh yes. Praise Allah's Pants this has got to be one of the very best moves we as a nation could have made.

Bryan Adams sucks

It is true I have to admit it - I was trying to kill some time last night and I typed bryan instead of Ryan and I thought I had hit the motherload of all Ryan Adams torrents - I go 12 albums of Byran Adams in just 4 hours - it took me thirty five seconds to flush them all down the recycle bin. I almost choked when I relized my mistake. It was like burning fire in my bowels the hot embarassment of Bryan Adams. Oh my sweet Allah in a hamster cage It felt bad. I will admit I am an idiot I never claimed to be anything other than "whole stupid" but expecting to hear Ryan Adams and vice versa hearing Bryan Adams - well it was like I had gone to sleep in Columbia and woke up in Baghdad next to Riverbend Wooooo help.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

KRT Wire | 08/01/2005 | Bush endorses teaching Superstition

KRT Wire | 08/01/2005 | Bush endorses teaching 'intelligent design'

This is bad religeon. If you want to teach your children something homeschool do not force the issue on people who do not want thier children taught that crap. It is hypocritical and insane to on one hand decrie the filth and perversion of the NEA and then to require a particular religious training for all students. Why not just have orgies instead of biology class for the secularist and then for the religeous we will handle snakes while praising Jesus. There is such a thing as empirical truth - kids need to know you do not bend truth to fit your religeon you have faith that God would not lie to us about the most important thing - that He loves us. The scripture is just one part of a religeon there is much more to it than that.

GW -100 points for pandering.

New York Times Hints at Xtream idiocy

Columnist Hints Book Was Source That Led to Use of C.I.A. Officer's Name - New York Times

Woooooooo I am sure they will figure it out - I am really getting that feeling again - the feeling inside for them. These Journalists will get to the bottom of something before to long.


Music is like love - it is like the love between a man and a woman - it is greater than the sum of its parts - it is an expression of love. This is why people pay for music - why those who can produce it are lauded. It is an expresion of love or hate or any emotional part of us. This is why if it is out of self obsession then it is not eternal - it is a moldering steamy pile of poop.

The best music is an expression of love. The best music is an expression of Love that is born of a songwriter who knows God.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Humor (Unanswerables)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Humor (Unanswerables): "They say that if a person has a pet cat and dies, if the person's body is not found fairly soon after death, the cat, having not been fed, will become ravenously hungry and eat the dead person's face off — JUST the face!

Is this true? My cat often looks me in the face. I used to think he was just being friendly. Now I know he's just sizing me up, like a chef at a butcher shop, waiting for 'the big day'. Since hearing this rumor, every time my cat licks his chops it gives me the willies! "

I will feel better about this later I think

Ryan Adams kicks butt

Ryan Adams is a very good singer...
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